The Ancients (Voidhaven Supplement)

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In the beginning, there was Order and Chaos. Order and Chaos fought to best one another for eons. The Ancients saw the desolate land where Order and Chaos battled and were disappointed. They banished both Order and Chaos, shaping the land to their will, and opening portals to bring a variety of creatures and even other intelligent races to this new "Haven" they had made. Chaos continued to try to fight his way back, but they forced him out, sealing him forever within the void.

Order wept.

With their vision of Haven set in motion, the Ancients were content to fade into myth. None know if they are immortal or if they simply had titles and powers they passed on to successors. After the age of clans, worship of the ancients became viewed as more of a cult following and is now shunned in civilized society.

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