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Alignment. Neutral
Domains. Steel, Metals, Machines, Miracles.
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Tetsutetsu is one of the elemental deities created by Barensu to keep peace in An'evor. Tetsutetsu didnt care much for the life barensu wanted to protect instead he found solace in machines and inventions eventually finding the inhabitants of An'over perfect test subjects to what happens when godly technology is given to mortals.

He invents to prove he can which has gotten him in trouble with many of the other elements most notably Solé with his light machine, and Oakider god of the forests when Tetsutetsu used his battleaxe to cut down the trees of an entire island for a new laboratory for his followers. As punishment for his offence he was stripped of his power temporarily and his battleaxe was banished to stay in the mortal realm.

Tetsutetsu is seen as a large blacksmith with silver hair and a long beard, however whenever he is seen on the mortal plane usually to test a new invention he is clean shaven.

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