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Teoryran Geography[edit]

Though Teoryran is at generally unexplored and lands are unamed, these articles aim to provide an planetary and zoomed-out colossal scale.



Coast to the far-west to Mid-west[edit]

  • Coast no: 1.
  • Connectied to coast no 4, to the direct south.

Very basic, the Continent of Teoryran has an edge to the west, in the east a half isle breaks off and so continue from east to west. Leaning down to the east and up to the west ending with the half isles. Farest to the middle north the continent expand over half the north pole. This coast runs from a half-isle in the east to the and continue in a downward curve to the west. Most of the coast land is notorious infertile and torid due to general arid near-dead nature and erosive weather. The farer away from the coast the more living the deserts and grasslands become and some jungles appear far both to the south or west next to the mountaint chain. Right to the north there is a creat ocean where the many humanized isles are. These isles are all connected to a great half-isle that breaks in the shape of branches of a tree. The climate and nature there is north and midly central European with miles and miles of untouched green lands. The Forests are often dark because of overgrowth.

The Midgård or Middle Kingdom[edit]

Asian races call it it the Middle Kingdom representing the perspec balance of the world and the true origo of the world. The western races call it midgard. Everyone fights for these lands of deserts, rives, pains and mountains. It is an incredible rich and open area that allows an pathway between east and west and thus would allow world dominance.It has many river deltas and natural rescourses of all kinds, and five great mountains that have inspired different religions that fanatically fights outsiders for obscure reasons such as weekly random omens .

Far South South-East Coast[edit]

  • Coast No:3.
  • Connected to Coast no 4, to the direct west.

A colossal and jagged southern coasts that begin in the hot south east and continue south-wests and ends south-east, the form is curve. Large Isles constructs sufficient for several countries, are dropping from the materials of jagged shores. This is sort of a coast, since the ocea is not so deep and the seas formed between the isles and the main land often become dead ends. Its subjective where the ocean or coast ends or begine on either side of the isles. Comparing to the real world, the nature on the isles are south and west Asian. the inland is South-American and Indian in climate and nature. The Inland is extremely tropical and homogenious, and the Isles contain a spectrum of climates with an exotic touch to western readers. These coasts ends growing smaller with a mountain top to the farest south.

South West Coast of the South East[edit]

  • Coast No:4.
  • Connected to the Coast no 3, to the direct east.

This coast is a mountain chain separating intense eastern jungle lands from western desert lands equivalent to Africa and middle east. The lands west become more arid and dry to the noth with some lands of Sawannas and fertile desert lands. There are nearly no river deltas or floods except in the farest northern deserts. Towards the south the western lands change into externtions of the mountains and eventually dense mountain jungles and dales and hillslands. There are some colossal grasslands in this south west on the near west of the mountains.

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