Temple Initiate (5e Feat)

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Temple Initiate

Prerequisites: Wisdom of 13 or higher, an alignment that aligns with your chosen deity
Through service to the gods, mortals can gain the power to perform miraculous things. You have undergone the initiation of one of the many clergies of the world. Upon taking this feat, you select a Cleric domain. You learn the 2nd level Channel Divinity option granted by that domain and may use it once before completing a long or short rest. If you already have the Channel Divinity class feature, you gain an additional use of Channel Divinity that stacks with any uses of Channel Divinity that you already have. You may use any of your Channel Divinity options with the additional use of Channel Divinity provided by this feat.

If the Channel Divinity option you gain via this feat refers to your "Cleric" level, you may use your total level in its place. (Preserve Life or Touch of Death, for example.)

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