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Work In Progress
{{PF2 Feat
|action=<!--Type of action. Can be 1, 2, 3, F (for free action), or R (for reaction). Leave blank for no action.-->
|level=<!--Level prerequisite-->
|subh2=<!--Second subheader; used if you want a subheader that says something other than "Feat {{{level}}}"-->
|trait1=<!--Traits of the feat or action. The template supports up to 6 traits.-->
|freq=<!--Frequency limitations, if any-->
|trigger=<!--Triggers, if any-->
|req=<!--Requirements, if any-->

|summary=<!--This is a one-line description of the feat that appears on automated lists. This summary does not appear on the actual feat page.-->
|source=<!--Used for transcriptions only. Denotes the original source of the feat; appears on certain automated lists. This does not appear on the actual feat page.-->
|benefit=<!--A detailed description of the feat or rule element.-->
|special=<!--Any special qualities of the feat or rule.-->
|nocategory=<!--Any text here causes the template to not categorize the page. Useful if the template is one part of a larger page, or for documentation purposes.-->
|notuser=<!--Any text here causes the template to exclude the page from Category:User. Unneeded if using nocategory.-->

Action or Feat Name 


Prerequisites: Any minimum ability scores, feats, proficiency ranks, or other prerequisites you must have before you can access this rule element are listed here. Feats also have a level prerequisite, which appears above.
Frequency: This is the limit on how many times you can use the ability within a given time.
Trigger: Reactions and some free actions have triggers that must be met before they can be used.
Requirements: Sometimes you must have a certain item or be in a certain circumstance to use an ability. If so, it’s listed in this section.
This section describes the effects or benefits of a rule element. If the rule is an action, it explains what the effect is or what you must roll to determine the effect. If it’s a feat that modifies an existing action or grants a constant effect, the benefit is explained here. 

Special: Any special qualities of the rule are explained in this section. Usually this section appears in feats you can select more than once, explaining what happens when you do.

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