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Weapon (katana), legendary (requires attunement by a Good aligned creature)

Telestia is a loving and naturally kind woman, who will "adopt" a wielder if her previous wielder is dead or acts in an evil way and the new wielder is of a good alignment. She is completely loyal to her wielder, but will abandon the wielder if they become evil. She is the result of cruel enslavement, and strives to be better, trying her hardest to help those who cannot help themselves.

Guided Hand: When in the hands of her wielder, she will become active, giving you a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. When in anyone else's hands, she is inactive, dealing only 2d4 slashing damage, with no bonus to hit. She deals an additional +1 damage against Evil creatures. She will also help in parries, increasing your AC by 1.

Path of Righteousness: Any Neutral creatures who attempt to wield her render her inactive with -1 to hit and attack. Any Evil creatures that try to hold her find that they cannot lift her, and she will deal 2d4+1 psychic damage. If her wielder performs a truly evil act (such as harming an innocent, decided by the DM), then she will immediately become inactive in the wielder's hands and actively seek a new wielder.

Astral Image: Telestia will manifest herself in the ghostly form of a beautiful young woman. She cannot attack or be attacked, and is unaffected by outside forces. She can only be seen or heard by the wielder and anyone with an Intelligence or Wisdom score of at least 15. She cannot move more than 30 ft. from the actual blade or her wielder.

Defense of the Wielder: While her wielder is unconscious, Telestia will levitate and attempt to parry any attacks to her wielder. Any creatures who directly attack her wielder must first succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw. To those who can see it, it will appear as if the Astral Form is holding her.

Acrophobia: Telestia is deathly afraid of heights, and becomes inactive at heights of at least 30 ft.

Love of Light: The wielder may spend an action to make a ranged weapon attack where the weapon shoots out a small pinprick of light towards an enemy that deals 5d4 lightning damage. This effect has 3 charges, all of which are recharged after you finish a short or long rest.

Sentience. Telestia is a Neutral Good katana and has an Intelligence of 14 (+2), Wisdom of 14 (+2) and Charisma of 19 (+4). She knows Common and the languages of her wielder. She also grants advantage on Intimidation against Evil creatures. She can see through the eyes of her Astral Image or the eyes of her wielder.
Personality. Telestia was originally the servant of a cruel and evil wizard. Whenever the wizard grew bored of a servant, he would kill her and trap her soul in an inanimate object so that she would suffer in eternal pain. Telestia was one such servant, and she was trapped inside of a katana. Eventually, the wizard was slain by a true hero, who freed all of the other trapped souls. However, Telestia decided to remain inside of the blade in order to serve the hero, as long as he relieved her of her pain. Over time, she has passed through dozens of wielders, but has always remembered her former master's evil, as a reminder of what she shouldn't be. She has always served on the side of goodness and light, forever helping and assisting the innocent and the good. If the wielder strays from a good path or fails to help those in need, the wielder will have an argument with Telstia at dawn.

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