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PLEASE NOTE THIS CLASS IS INCOMPLETE. Powers are still in progress


A few are born with the ability to bend the world to their will through non-magical means. Others come into it later in life, often after a traumatic event. While not as reality shaping as mages, a Telekinetic still has an intense advantage in the battlefield. A telekinetic's main power, however is lifting, controlling, and attacking with any nearby objects and even creatures.

Making a Telekinetic[edit]

A telekinetic is a very rare breed of support character which may wear armor while still maintaining spell-like abilities without penalty. This is unique because all spellcasters have to make a saving throw against their own armor when casting spells if wearing armor. Having the armor option, combined with an optional second attack action every round instead of a move action (with the telekinesis skill only) at level 2, makes the Telekinetic one of the most powerful character types in the Pathfinder world. The BaB and powers charts for this character are sourced directly from the Pathfinder Sorceror class for reference purposes, with the exception to the extra BaB row at level 6. a telekinetic may be of any race, sex and any starting age, and usually fills a more supportive role.

Types of Telelkinetics[edit]

  • Tactical Telekinetic: make a great leader for any team. Their powers include coordinating allies, stopping arrows in mid air, and protecting allies from attacks. Their signature move is summoning mysterious energy orbs with their mind.
  • Skulljacker Telekinetic: they are known to literally steal your thoughts, memories, or ideas from your mind while you sleep and keep them as their own. They thirst for knowledge and crave money and positions of power. They can always float, or even fly.
  • Primal Telekinetic: notorious for lightning fast speed and exta actions during battle. Somehow, they can make objects burn red hot, others can make a hard deadly object even deadlier.
  • Common Telekinetic Traits: Most often you will see casually tossing enemies aside with a brush of the hand, using the environment as projectile weapons, and force blasting opponents across the battlefield. The Telekinetic comes in a wide variety of abilities, skills, and personalities, but all Telekinetics are a force to be reckoned with.

Abilities: Intelligence and Dexterity are the two most important abilities for a Telekinetic.

Races: Any. Alignment: Any. Starting Gold: 5d6 x 10 gp (average 175gp) In addition, each character begins play with an outfit worth 10 gp or less. Starting Age: Any Hit Dice: d8

Table: Telekinetic

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special Powers
Powers Known
1st +0 +0 +2 +2 Telekinesis 1 Target, Powers, Force Blast 1d6 + Int mod 1
2nd +1 +0 +3 +3 Telekinesis 2 Targets 2
3rd +1 +1 +3 +3 Force Blast 2d6 + int mod 3
4th +2 +1 +4 +4 Telekinesis 3 Targets 4
5th +2 +1 +4 +4 Force Blast 3d6 + int mod 4
6th +3/+1 +2 +5 +5 Telekinesis 4 Targets 5
7th +3/+1 +2 +5 +5 Force Blast 4d6 + int mod 5
8th +4/+1 +2 +6 +6 Telekinesis 5 Targets 6
9th +4/+1 +3 +6 +6 Force Blast 5d6 + int mod 6
10th +5/+2 +3 +7 +7 Telekinesis 6 Targets 7
11th +5/+2/+1 +3 +7 +7 Force Blast 6d6 + int mod 7
12th +6/+2/+1 +4 +8 +8 Telekinesis 7 Targets 8
13th +6/+2/+1 +4 +8 +8 Force Blast 7d6 + int mod 8
14th +7/+3/+1 +4 +9 +9 Telekinesis 8 Targets 9
15th +7/+3/+2 +5 +9 +9 Force Blast 8d6 + int mod 9
16th +8/+3/+2/+1 +5 +10 +10 Telekinesis 9 Targets 10
17th +8/+3/+2/+1 +5 +10 +10 Force Blast 9d6 + int mod 10
18th +9/+4/+2/+1 +6 +11 +11 Telekinesis 10 Targets 11
19th +9/+4/+2/+1 +6 +11 +11 Force Blast 10d6 + int mod 12
20th +10/+5/+3/+2 +6 +12 +13 Force Blast 11d6 + int mod, Telekinetic Mastery 14

Class Skills
Acrobatics (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Fly (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (All) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Perception (Wis), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Spellcraft (Int), Stealth (Dex), Survival (Wis) and Swim (Str).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Telekinetic.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Telekinetics are proficient with all simple weapons. They are proficient with all armor. This creates a unique class that allows Characters a conventional armor bonus while still having some perks of a Spellcaster like character during gameplay. Some telekinetics actually include the use of custom weapons that can deal traumatic, concussive, explosive, or arcane damage. Ask you GM about specialty weapons.

Telekinesis (Sl):: At will as a spell-like ability a telekinetic can psychically lift up an object or creature that weighs up to 25 lb/level within 25 ft. + 5 ft. per level up to a maximum of 75ft at level 10. They may throw it or move it 20 feet/3 levels and an additional 20ft at level 20 with a max of 140ft. If it is a creature they are allowed Will saves (Dc 10+Int+1/2 lvl) to negate the effect, as are those whose held possessions are targeted by the spell. At level 1, a telekinetic may pick up any one nearby ojbect weighing 25lbs or less as a swift action. It deals damage based on item density as shown in the description. Ojbect must be within the described range of 30ft. Then, the telekinetic must focus as a standard or move action to successfully throw an object efficiently. Their other action is still free to use during their turn. This attack gets a bonus to hit with +BaB and +int mod. At level 2, when the telekinetic gains his second Telekinesis target, they also gain the option of a second attack action for the Telekinesis skill in place of the other standard action or move action each round. If the telekinetic is controlling 2 or more objects during their combat turn, then using the Telekinesis skill counts as a full action. At level 6 the Telekinetic gains an additional attack action in combat of 3 objects affected by the Telekinesis skill (the same level most other characters get their second attack per turn) and yet another attack of 4 objects at level 11. They also receive another attack per round of 5 at level 16, This maxes out with an additional 5 attacks at level 20 for a maximum total of 10 attack actions per round. (An additional special attack action and telekinesis target is available as a skill once you reach level 8, raising the attacks to 11 per round at level 20. Other skills include another special action available at level 4, and a greater version of that skill at level 10 which grants a standard action, and a move action. The additional move and action turn purchased in this manner may not be applied to attacks using the telekinesis skill. this would mean 11 telekinetic attacks, one standard attack, and one move action) If not in combat, the telekinetic can move affected objects as a free action at most any time up to the limit of Telekinetic Targets available without concern. You must succeed on attack rolls to hit the target with the object thrown, using your base attack bonus + your Intelligence modifier to hit. Weapons deal standard damage (with no Strength or other bonuses; note that arrows or bolts deal damage as daggers of their size when used in this manner). Other objects cause damage ranging from 1 point per 25 pounds (for less dangerous objects) to 1d6 points of damage per 25 pounds (for hard, dense objects). Objects and creatures that miss their target usually land in a square adjacent to the target. Regardless of the number of objects the Telekinetic can control, the total weight of all affected objects must be less than the weight limit per current listed above. At 7th level this ability gains all effects of the spell Telekinesis, except it can affect additional targets as stated in this ability in addition to normal targets, and has the weight limit of this ability.

Force Blast (Sl):: Using their psychic powers a telekinetic may blast a target with a force as a standard action. It has their BaB+Int modifier to hit and deals damage equal to shown on the chart + their intelligence modifier.

Powers (Sl): A telekinetic gains spell-like abilities shown on the table. The DC for these are equal to 15+Int+Lvl. One power may be able to be switched on level up. If a power or skill has a prerequisite skill the prerequisite skill must be kept in order to recieve the upgraded version of the skill or power. If the prerequisite skill is removed the upgraded skill will downgrade and replace the removed skill.


  • Stunning Force Blast: Once per day as a free action summon a force blast that instantly disorients all opponents in a 15ft raduis around the telekinetic. This spell deals 1d4 psychic damage. All affected creatures must make a fortitude save of 10 + int mod + 1/level of Telekinetic or risk losing consciousness for 1 round. This power may only be taken once.
  • Skulljacking: Once a day, on touch the telekinetic may render himself and a sentient target unconscious for one round. During this round, the telekinetic will recieve 1d4 thoughts or memories at random. The telekinetic often wakes first and the target shortly after. Once awakened, the creature affected will have no memory of the skulljacking, and may be confused for up to 1d4 rounds, though afterward all their memories remain intact. This power may only be taken once.
  • Thought Reaping: Once a day within range, a telekinetic may render a target and himself unconscious for one round and reach into the mind of a willing subject as a standard action to collect personal information. In the case of an unwilling subject, the target must make a will save of DC 10 +int mod +1/level of Telekinetic. The telekinetic may actively search for a certain memory at the discretion of the GM. At the will of the Telekinetic, the subject may permanently lose the memory or information (scroll, spell, names, current location, ect.) Anything that the telekinetic gains knowledge of if he had to fight and take the memory or information by force. This power may only be taken once. This power replaces Skulljacking. Must already have skulljacking as a previous power to use this power.
  • Shield: As a move action a telekinetic may give themselves a Deflection AC bonus equal to their Int mod for one round. This power may only be taken once.
  • Force Wall: As a full round action construct an invisible wall of force that affects Int mod+level sides of a square. This wall is immune to elemental damage, has 0 hardness, and each 5 foot section of it has hp equal to your int mod + twice your level. This counts as cover. The telekinetic may maintain the wall as a standard or move action. They may also repair it as a full round action. This power may only be selected once. Only one instance of this power may be used at a time.
  • Orbs of Guiding Light: Once a day a Telekinetic may summon 1d4 glowing spheres of light that lasts 1d4 turns and have a movement of 10ft +5ft per telekinetic level and will seek out and reveal any nearby treasures and hidden passageways. It can also detect nearby magical items and creatures. If nothing is nearby hidden, notable, or magical, they will not summon and search, but instead act as the spell dancing lights. Afterward the power has been used for the day. This power may only be taken once.
  • Move ally: As a standard action you may move a willing creature 50 feet. This does provoke an attack of opportunity for the affected creature. Otherwise you may use a move action for them to not provoke an attack for moving with normal movement. This power may only be taken once.
  • Orb of Mysterious force: Once a day, a telekinetic may summon an Orb of Mysterious Force as a full action. It has a movement speed of 20ft +10ft per level and deals 2d6 +1 damage. Once the Orb has been used it disappears from the battlefield, regardless of its success or failure in battle. This power may only be taken once. Must be level 2 to choose this power.
  • Improved Orbs of Mysterious Force: Once a day, the Telekinetic may summon 3 Orbs of Mysterious Force as a Standard action. The Orbs have a movement speed of 20ft + 10ft per level. All 3 Orbs may be used to deal 2d6 damage each to different, individual targets as one Standard action, or the telekinetic may spend a full action to focus the Orbs into one giant orb. This will combine the three Orbs into one massive attack dealing 6 d6 +int modifier as damage. This power replaces Orb of Mysterious Force as an ability. This power may only be taken once. A telekinetic must have Orb of Mysterious Force previously to use this power.
  • Advanced Orbs of Mysterious Force: Once a day, the power now summons 4 2d6 Orbs that may be targeted at 4 individual targets each at the cost of one standard action , or as a full action combine the orbs into an massive crippling attack of 8 d6 + int modifier. Like the original, the Orbs disappear from the battlefield after just one use. This power may only be taken once. This replaces Orbs of Mysterious Force as a power. Must have Orbs of Mysterious Force as a previous power.
  • Arrow Block: as an immediate action, stop one arrow/+1 per 2 levels or projectile that weighs less than telekinesis's limit mid air as an immediate action. Arrows must pass within 100 feet of the telekinetic. This power may only be taken once. Must be level 2 to take this power.
  • Telekinetic Deflection: As a passive ability, the telekinetic automatically deflects almost all projectile attacks. The attacker must make a will save of 10 + int mod +1/level of Telekinetic or misses the telekinetic completely. Melee damage works as normal. This power may only be taken once. Must have Arrow Block as a previous power.
  • Ghost Hands: As a passive ability, the telekinetic now has a touch range and phantasmal reach of 15 feet. Anything within 15 feet is subject to physical melee attacks from the telekinetic. Also, this passive ability grants immunity from backstab and all ranged attacks. This skill may only be taken once. Must have Telekinetic Deflection as a previous power.
  • Levitate: The telekinetic may use Levitate at will, provided there is an empty telekinesis target available. Unlike flight, there is no weight penalty applied to the Telekinesis skill to use Levitate. This power may be activated as a free action. You may only take this power once. Must be level 3 to take this power.
  • Swift Feet: Passively Increases All ally movement speed within 150 feet by 15 feet. They may make a 15 foot step instead of 5 foot step to disengage. Increases all ally reflex saves by 1 per 2 levels. This power may only be taken once. Must be level 3 to select this power.
  • Telekinetic Multitasking: During combat, the telekinetic may now use an extra Standard action or Move action in combat. This extra action is unique and does not allow the Telekinetic an extra melee attack per round, rather it gives them the option to move freely, seek cover, block, or use certain skills (such as shield, stunning force blast, or thought reaping) and interact with the environment, all while still maintianing the maximum number of controlled targets and attacks allowed by your level using the Telekinesis skill. This extra standard or move action may not be used for an extra attack using the telekineses ability at any time. This power may only be taken once. Must be level 4 to choose this power.
  • Kinetic Telekinesis: The telekinetic may hold an object in his bare hand as a standard or move action. This action is spent by speeding up the particles in the object on a molecular level, making the object very hot to the touch. The affected object deals an additional 1 point of burn damage dealt with that object. This bonus 1 point of damage does not stack with any other bonus damage. If bonus damage applies, use the greater of the two. The object must be charged each round you wish to apply the bonus damage. This ability does not apply to creatures under the effect of the Telekinesis ability. This power may only be taken once. Must be level 4 to use this power.
  • Advanced Kinetick Telekinesis: All objects affected by the Telekinesis skill now deal an additional 2 burn damage each and every time they are used for one day. All charging of objects may now be used as a free action or a sudden action. You still must charge the items once per day to maintian this effect. Effects like submergance in water or negating effects like dispel have no effect. This bonus 2 points of damage does not stack with any other bonus damage. If bonus damage applies, use the greater of the two. This power does not affect creatures under the effect of the Telekinesis skill. This skill may only be taken once. Does not stack with Kinetic Telekinesis. Must have Kinetic Telekinesis as a previous ability to use this power.
  • Density Upgrade: All damage dice counters dealt with the telekinesis skill are increased a size category. I.E. d6 - d8, d8 - d10, d10 - d12. This does not work on dice rolls bigger than d10. This only affects objects thrown using the Telekinesis skill. This does not stack with any other power, skill, or ability that grants this feature or any similar feature. This power does stack with Advanced kintetic telekinesis. This power may only be taken once. Must have Advanced Kinetick Telekinesis as a previous choice to take this power.
  • Flight: As an improved form of levitate, the telekinetic uses a special form of fly at will. This flight is activated with a move action that counts yourself as one of your free targets using the Telekinesis skill, but without taking damage from this action. The first point taken in Flight is half the character's base movement speed with novice maneuverability in any direction. This power may be taken 4 times, and each time the power is increased another half movement speed, and increasing in flight mastery level, for a maximum of 2x flight speed and expert level manuverability at the fourth skill point. Character must be level 6 and have Levitate to select this power.
  • Charging Strike: Once per battle the telekinetic may use a special Telekinetic Charge, as long as the character is actively using flight, or has an open telekinesis target and allotted weight for themselves. Like flight, this also deals no damage to the telekinetic. Charging strike has twice the speed and traveling distance of the character's current Flight speed. This power may be executed as a swift action. The charge deals 3d4 natural damage and the target is stunned for 1 round if the target fails a reflex save of 10+int mod+1/2 level of Telekinetic. Must be level 6 and have flight to take this power.
  • Arrow Reverse: Any arrows stopped by arrow block may be directed at a target with a range of 100 feet. This power may only be taken once. Required level 8 and Arrow block.
  • Telekinetic Efficiency: During your combat turn, the telekinetic gains an additional target and an additional attack action with the Telekinesis skill. This power may only be taken once. Must be level 8 to choose this power.
  • Advanced Telekinetic Multitasking: You may now use an extra Standard action and a move action on your turn during combat. These are one conventional Standard action and one conventional move action, meaning the standard action may be used for melee attacks or use some abilities. These actions can not be used for attacks in the Telekinesis ability. This power may only be taken once. Does not stack with Telekinetic Multitasking. Must be level 10 have Telekinetic Multitasking as a previous ability to choose this power.

Telekinetic Mastery: At level 20 the Telepath may make 1 attack with each targeted object under their control with the telekinesis skill, a total of 10 attacks per round with all items affected by the telekinesis skill. Total weight of all affected items must not exceed the weight limits listed of your character level.

  • Mysterious Force Mastery: at level 20, if the telekinetic has both Orbs of Mysterious Force and Improved Orbs of Mysterious Force, once per battle as as a swift action they may summon 5 Orbs of Mysterious Force that deal 2 d8 +int modifier damage each to 5 individual targets. The telekinetic may also use a Standard action to combine these orbs into one blast, dealing 10 d8 + int mod as damage in a 30 foot radius. As with the other Mysterious Force abilities, the Orbs disappear after only one attack turn.
  • Kinetic Mastery: At level 20, if you have Advanced Kinetic telekinesis and Density Upgrade as previous skills, you may charge all items effected by the telekinesis skill as a free action or a swift action. This may be done during other players turns. It does not stack with itself multiple times in a round or turn. This does have a burn damage effect on creatures of 3d6 per round while still in the effects of the telekinesis skill.
  • Flying Dash Mastery: At level 20, if you have taken Levitation, Flight, and Charging Strike in your list of powers, you may use any power involving the Telekinesis skill without any type of weight penalty. This includes all powers which rely on the Telekinesis skill, such as Flight and Charging Strike. Additionally, any object over 200lbs now counts as half weight when affected by the Telekinesis skill. This Mastery does not stack with any other object, power, ability, that affects or alters the weight of items. At no time is any object or item less than 50% of its actual weight using the telekineses ability.

Edited to be sorted by level and prerequisites ---


  • Lawful/Good Telekinetics are usually the most common. They are often found acting as heroes, blessed and then sent out by their Gods for the betterment of the world. They are selfless and helpful, and are never boastful about their special ability. They usually seek positions in guard posts or smaller towns that are in frequent distress. Their Powers early on are usually defensive in nature and often include abilities like Levitate, Allied Shield, and Arrow Block. At higher levels they obtain their main offensive skills, Dash, and Orbs of Mysteroius Force.
  • True Neutral Telekinetics are less common, and prefer to be called "opportunists". These gifted individuals are more thief-like than any other of the alignments. These Telekinetics often do not reveal their powers to others, instead they use their gifts as a way to turn a profit by keeping them secret. Their gimmicks include everything from pick pocketing an unsuspecting target from yards away or even while having a conversation with the target, to stalking a wealthy target and using their skills to scare the character. That scheme later turns into playing the part of a priest called upon to stop the "Haunting" of a specific area or region where supernatural events are known to occur for a large sum of gold. They typically start with Orbs of Guiding Light early on, and have the skill Ghost Hands at high levels. Other than the Telekinesis skill, the common thread among this type is overwhelming greed.
  • Chaotic/Evil Telekinetics are by far the rarest of their kind. I haven't run across any Evil Telekinetics so far, and thats a good thing. Just the thought of that kind of power wielded by an Evil Telekinetic makes most people uneasy. I would imagine that these types of Telekinetics would have powers like Density Upgrade, Thought Reaper, and Arrow Reverse, though that's just speculation. Let's just hope if there are any Evil Telekinetics that they stay far, far away from here.


A Telekinetic in the Pathfinder World[edit]

Let me start by saying that I have the utmost respect for the original creator of this Homebrew class. There is no way I could've come up with all of this on my own. Actually, a good friend showed me this character class concept when we started work on our own Pathfinder campain a few months back. He wanted to run a special homebrew character and I encouraged the idea. I loved the original concept, and didn't see any real problems with the class at first. Then we rolled up the character and took it for a test run on the first night of campaigning. At first level I began running into problems. I must admit it was no easy task refining and tweaking this Homebrew character class to fit into a real game. Originally, the class had less than 10 powers or skills available, most of which had zero limitations. The original class setup also presented loopholes which creates a character at level 4 that has the capabilities of a character at level 11. Needless to say, the other players in the group were unhappy with the results. Out of about 30 goblins there was only one that could even hit the Telekinetic at level one, and the telekinetic character quickly mopped the floor with dozens of CR 1 and CR 2 monsters. Something had to be done because afterward, other players were using words like "ridiculous" and "unfair". As a game master it is my job to make sure all the players involved are having fun and that the game is fair. This unseen scenario made for a tricky one because of the extra attack early on at level 2, which is an intregal part of this character class. That's enough for a level 2 character, and in no way should it be raised again every two levels, then I gave real thought to the powers list, and thats when it hit me. Telekinetic Mastery states at level 20 the Telekinetic may attack with all items affected by the skill, meaning the character was never intended to attack with all objects affected by the skill each round until level 20. This sparked another idea. I started developing some unique powers for this class that strictly rely on the unused targets of the Telekinesis ability. This broadens the opportunities possible for the character at higher level. Another feature this class has is an attack range that has the distance comparable to a lower level Ranger class. This is enhanced with a free special version of Improved Multiattack early on, allowing a second attack per round with no penalty at level 2. Originally, the writing seemingly allowed for an added attack each round at every even level using the Telekinesis skill. This new improved method causes the Telekinetic to have a limited number of attacks compared to the number of items controlled by the telekinesis skill. Telekinesis Targets that aren't used for attacks, combined with some special custom powers are where the real flavor comes in. Instead of extra attacks, these unused targets may be used for things like catching fleeing foes, or slamming and holding closed a door. The extra Telekinesis Targets may also be frequently applied to many powers or skills, such as Levitate,Flight, and Dash. All these possibilities, mixed with an array of alignments and skills, make for an extrelemy unique, versatile, and memorable character. The Telekinetic may be anything from a Monk to a Baker as their profession and gain a few unique class skills outside their class, but that's never where their real skill lies. --- Back to Main PagePathfinder HomebrewClassesBase Classes

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