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Telekinesis (Int)[edit]

You can move objects with the power of your mind.

Requirements: Psychokinesis feat

Check: A Telekinesis check allows you to move an object in your line of sight. The DC of the Telekinesis check is based on the mass of the object you wish to move. Moving a 10-pound object is DC 10. For every factor of 10 that mass increases, the DC increases by 5 and the strain you suffer doubles.

DC Mass Moved Damage Dealt Strain
10 up to 10 lb. 1d6 1
15 up to 100 lb. 2d6 2
20 up to 1,000 lb. 4d6 4
25 up to 10,000 lb. 8d6 8
30 up to 100,000 lb. 16d6 16
35 up to 1,000,000 lb. 32d6 32
40 up to 10,000,000 lb. 64d6 64

You can move the object a distance of 5 feet times your Telekinesis rank per round. If two psychics vie for control of an object, use opposed Telekinesis checks. If a creature is holding the object, use an opposed Telekinesis and Strength check. The winner controls the object for that round.

Moving Creatures: Using Telekinesis on a living being allows it a Will saving throw to resist. If the save fails, consider the target an object. If the save succeeds, the skill has no effect.

Striking With Objects: You can hit opponents with telekinetically controlled objects. This requires a ranged touch attack and the object deals damage based on its weight (as shown on the table). Since using Telekinesis is a move action, you can move an object and strike with it (as a standard action) in the same round.

Moving Multiple Objects: As a full-round action, you can attempt to move multiple objects at once. Use the DC of the heaviest object, then add +2 for each additional object (regardless of weight), and increase the strain by 2 for each additional object. You cannot strike a target with multiple objects as part of the same action.

Fly: You can telekinetically lift your own body. This requires a DC 30 Telekinesis check (regardless of your own mass) and allows you to fly at a speed of 5 feet times your Telekinesis rank (perfect maneuverability). It causes 8 points of strain.

Special: You can take 10 on Telekinesis checks, but you can’t take 20.

Time: Telekinesis is a move action. The skill use lasts for 10 rounds (1 minute) and must be maintained.

Strain: 0 plus mass modifier.

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