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Team checks[edit]

A team check is,in essence,challenge that requires 2 or more party members to roll for an ability check Their rolls are added up and matched against the Difficulty Class of the check.

If one of the participants of a team check rolls a 20,before modifiers, the other participants roll with advantage.

If one of the participants rolls a 1,before modifiers,the other participants roll with disadvantage.

If one participant of a team roll gains advantage or disadvantage after they've rolled,they must roll again and pick the roll with the lower/higher result.

Example 1[edit]

A giant Boulder blocks the entrance to the dungeon
The two players say they want to push it out of the way together
The DM asks them to make a Team Strength check,setting the DC of the check at 30.
Player 1 rolls an 8
Player 2 rolls a 21,having gotten a natural 20,Player 1 may roll again.
Player 1 rolls again,and gets a 10.
The players barely passed the DC of the challenge,and their characters manage to push the boulder.

Example 2[edit]

Three players decide to attempt to scare the bandit gang into running away
The DM asks them to make a Team Charisma(Intimidation) roll,putting the DC at 35
Player 1 rolls a 13
Player 2 rolls a 21
Player 3 rolls a 3,rolling a natural 1.
Because player 3 rolled a natural 1,the other two must roll again, and pick the lower value of their 2 rolls.
Player 1 rolls again and gets a 10
Player 2 rolls again and gets a 7
The players failed to meet the DC of this check,the bandits are shaken,but not impressed...They pull out their weapons,preparing to fight the players.

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