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Teal Downcast The Courageous And Loved[edit]

Alignment. Lawful Good
Domains. Life, Nature, War
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Teal's holy symbol is a solid blue or empty blue circle, represented by spheres, tattoos, and gems of pendants alike. Life domain symbols are usually teal, while nature ones are pure blue and war ones are blue-green. Any cleric can cast any of the domain-based spells through any of the types of symbol, so that fact only typically changes starting equipment. As a bit of role-play, a cleric might prefer the symbol of the chosen domain over other types of the symbol.

DM Note: If trying to keep balance with domain choices, choose 2 of the above domains to represent the deity before allowing it to exist in your game. This is because other deities only have 1 or 2 domains for players to choose from.

The Good Slime God[edit]

We're not gods, none of us! One day I'll make them see the truth, for I know mortals aren't as gullible as you think they are! They are terrible, powerful, brilliant creatures that have and will ALWAYS stop you!
—Teal during a fight with Orcus.

Teal Downcast (Often simply called Teal) is a human-looking fellow with a blue slime half-sphere covering his back. He has complete control of this slime, and uses it to form many different things such as extra appendages (Usually simple tendrils that can curl around things to interact with them), armor, weapons, gloves, etc. This slime seems to be an infinite source for him, for none have ever seen it shrink past its normal size, though he can make it much larger if he needs to. This is true even when some of the things he makes with that slime are detached from the source, having seemingly no effect against the volume of his slime. The color of the slime often depicts his emotion, turning lighter blue colors the happier he is, with the opposite also being true. However, having noticed this, his control of his slime means he can usually avoid this unless something throws him off. Like fear, for instance, which is the only emotion that turns the slime green.

Teal is the good god of slimes, which directly opposes by default his greatest enemy, Juiblex. Given that Juiblex is more powerful than Teal, the very desire to turn everything into formless copies of itself is by far Teal's greatest fear, and he secretly opposes Juiblex wherever possible because of it. One day, Teal hopes to destroy the demon lord and claim its power for himself, or at least dispose of it permanently. Until that day however, he also has plans to convince the mortals of existence of a truth he knows, that the deities aren't truly gods. Whether that is true or not is anyone's guess, but it is something his truest followers believe firmly. This can get them in trouble sometimes, as that's not something any other clerics or priests typically appreciate hearing, but that is why true followers of Teal are few and far between, though those that do get that far often end up being rather close to the deity, more like friends than followers, which he definitely prefers. Teal is also opposed to Orcus and Zuggtmoy, though he has a dislike of all the demon lords but knows he can't afford to fight all of them at once (Or even at all, depending on the foe). In spite of Teal's fears, he never runs from a fight because of them. He plays smart, and even when he must retreat, he does so already thinking about how to best win the next fight, treating enemies as puzzles to be solved and friends yet to be made (Except for Juiblex and non-sentient creatures). This defiant and calculated courage earned him his title of The Courageous And Loved, given that he always seems to be in some fight or another protecting innocent people.

Faith In Secret[edit]

Given that, the ideals of his followers are often also associated with courage, protecting the innocent, defeating evil, and showing compassion and kindness to all that accept it. His closer followers also try to peacefully persuade the public of his belief of the gods not being truly divine, acting very carefully as to not get themselves killed for it. Worshippers of all kinds for him know that his teaches revolve around outsmarting problems and enemies, for some this even extends over violence completely, with worshippers refusing to fight anyone or thing they think they can reason with, though this doesn't always work. The vicious backlash of other faiths who don't like the idea of their gods not being divine mean that few worlds, if any, have actual churches for him, with almost all of his followers being adventurers or people that worship in secret away from prying eyes.


Teal's home is in the Far Realm, a place most, even some gods, fear to tread. But he took home security one step further, since his home is so deep into the Far Realm that nothing can reach it without his permission and help unless it already resides on the plane. This has allowed several moments where Teal gave other deities shelter from dangerous events, and he will occasionally do so for mortals too, having an uncanny fondness for them that hints at some deeper meaning. However, the home is FILLED with one-way portals to other random parts of the Far Realm (And a few actually dedicated to real locations elsewhere), built as non-lethal traps to redirect any unwanted visitors away from his massive-floating-castle abode. Teal is almost never home, preferring as any sane creature would to live in the Upper Planes, where he often hangs out with the likes of Lathander and Bahamut.


Like all, this deity has a few secrets. The human body he embodies isn't actually him, but a mortal he bonded to and gave immortality to who's name is lost to time. This closest kind of kinship has persisted for 100s of years, and was fairly necessary for him to appear as anything more than another slime monster creation of Juiblex. He speaks through this avatar, and can detach from him to act separately from him at will. However, given that his friend isn't a deity, it would be very easy for someone powerful to off him while Teal isn't protecting him. Given that Teal can extend his appendages at several times the speed of sound, it's usually easy to pretend that the human is truly the deity, especially since having so much time to practice allows them both to act almost completely as one entity. In times of need, Teal can completely engulf his friend to shield him, though he prefers simply blocking just as much as he needs to. Thus far, no other creature, including deities, has ever discovered the trick, and it's very well possible that none ever will unless something can outright defeat Teal. If he ever gets to a point where he thinks he'll be defeated though, Teal secretly plans to teleport his friend to safety without his permission. Teal also searches tirelessly for a way to bring his friend to the status of deity alongside him, though his desire to surprise him with it means he's likely missed at least a couple opportunities to act on that desire. His last resort for that wish is to give him some of his own dominion over slimes after defeating Juiblex, since the demon lord's power would likely more than double his own. Unbeknownst to either of them, without being prepared for the immensity of Juiblex's evil, his power would completely corrupt Teal if he ever actually beats Juiblex. Bahamut, Ioun, and a select few other deities have already figured this out with their vast intellect, and secretly stop Teal from ever getting close enough to pull it off.

The Faint of Heart[edit]

The faint of heart is a divine guild and pantheon dedicated to working together and bringing down the darker parts of existence. A daunting task no doubt.

Other members of this cosmic pantheon are Aethon Sol, Neero Seess, among others (To be written later).

Moar Stuff![edit]

Content related to items, spells, etc. will be coming soon! But not yet, because I just made up and wrote like 2 pages of info and I'm SO done for now.

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