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I made a monk using this subclass, here is some backstory stuff that I wrote for anyone who wants some ideas.

Day to day things

The great hall was built many seasons ago from meticulously placed stone, the chamber now smoothed from use. After meditation comes class. The bells toll at noon and the monks head into the tower. Elders teach the younglings in theory about the nine gates and the word of the Gods. Learning how to manifest power from within themselves is the most important of skills, but it can only be mastered will full connection and awareness to each of the nine cycles. To expand themselves they look within to discover their own strength in intimacy with their sources. After the teachings comes practice. Lined in the courtyard, each monk stands. Four by five, twenty in all. Harmonized in movement and mind they train. Young to old, they channel themselves. They fight one another. Dancing in combat they duel, using all available to them. Each man received their own beating, fighting until their bodies trembled and give out. After training the monks cleaned themselves, water from the stream heated from the fires. Scrubbing the sweat from a long day to clean the flesh. After the cleansing was time for celebration. The sun sets early on the mountain, casting darkness upon the monastery. In the hall a great meal was roasted during training. The monks spread the food about the table and share with one another. Fruits grown in the gardens, gifts of cheeses and flaked pies of soft vegetables. A favorite was the baked buns. Butter churned from the goat is a cherished treat to add, the sweetness delighted by all. After the meal dancing begins. The table is cleared away and the fire is fed higher. Drums beat to a deep guttural rhythm as men launch into movement. They join in festivity, celebrating in unity and the fruitful day in a display of dynamic energy. Drinking together and taking turns playing the drums throughout the night. After recreation the monks sleep in the tower on bedrolls until the bells toll again in the morrow and they repeat the cycle, stopping only for the holy days... In classes the monks continue to strengthen their links to the nine circles of existence. Each day the boys understanding of the powers within himself grew a little more. Looking within himself, learning to harness his energy into his actions with with every move. Strengthening theory and improving in practice each day. To harness the energy within oneself is the Monk of the nine circles way, learning to become faster and strike harder...

Religion stuff (Mine worships Lovitar but this could be tweaked to fit any God that likes this sort of stuff)

Atop the normal responsibilities for all of the members, much time was spent one on one, becoming fully encased in the monastery, learning the ways in their entirety. The monks celebrate eight significant holy days. Four of the holidays are major, four minor. Though other followers of Loviatar do not follow the same schedule, the monks celebrate each holy day in specific ways. Each day is participated in hopes of becoming closer to the gates, Loviatar and the energies within themselves.


Maladomini, ruled by Baalzebul - the 7th gate is celebrated by Murag - the winter solace in late December is witnessed by the dancing on glass

Phlegethos, ruled by Belial and Fierna - 4th gate - Gelder - Early February is witnessed by dancing on Embers

Malbolge, ruled by Glasya - 6th gate - Shyer - Spring equinox, late March is witnessed by dancing on rocks

Minauros, ruled by Mammon - 3rd gate -Goufly - Early May is witnessed by the dancing on a spike form (similar to a bed of nails, metal spikes of short length.)

Nessus, ruled by Asmodeus - 9th gate - Rechate - Summer solace, late June is witnessed by dancing on thorns

Dis, ruled by Dispater - 2nd gate - Lutes - Early August witnessed by the dancing on broken tile

Cania, ruled by Mephistopheles - 8th gate - Fdaur - Fall equinox, Late September is witnessed by dancing on metals

Stygia, ruled by Levistus - 5th gate - Cineole - Early November is witnessed by dancing on ice

Each of the holy days is symbolic to one of the nine gates, with the first being celebrated throughout the year. Every 12 days the first gate is witnessed, honoring Avernus, ruled by Zariel. In the night after eating the monks are covered in hot wax which is then scrubbed off in the streams. Once the monks have cleaned, the markings upon their heads are ensured. Marked with needles and blood each 12 days the marks become darker over the years. Each monk has their own marking, given upon their entrance into the monastery.

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