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Killer Kobolds[edit]

Kobolds are really good monsters to send after low-level characters. They’re small, nasty, and just enough of a threat for a 1st level character to make things interesting. But once characters reach higher levels, kobolds either vanish from the scene, or are regulated to being the parasitic hangers on of dragons. Later editions of Dungeons & Dragons have made some improvements to goblins and (especially) orcs, but the kobolds got a winged variant and not much else.

My current 5th ed. campaign involves some characters that are maybe a little overpowered at lower levels (by design), and so sufficiently challenging them requires something a little extra. In their current situation, they had to face off against a tribe of kobolds. But the kobold entries in the MM don’t mention anything about group structure, making them seem like little more than the rats that live in dragons walls, who mostly die shortly after reaching adulthood.

They mature quickly and can live to be “great wyrms” more than a century old. However, many kobolds perish before they reach the end of their first decade. Physically weak, they are easy prey for predators. This vulnerability forces them to band together. Their superior numbers can win battles against powerful adversaries, but often with massive casualties on the kobold side.

5th ed Monster Manual – pg 195

So what about the steps to becoming a “great wyrm”? What happens to the kobolds who survive these battles, maybe more than once? Introducing, the Kobold Warrior.

The Kobold Warrior is a survivor. He’s seen his fair share of battles, and even if all of his comrades died terrible deaths at the hands of some party of adventuring bastards, he’s made it out alive with a little more experience, strength and wisdom.

He’s faster than the rest of the kobold race, and a little smarter, doubtless traits that helped him to survive. His experiences have made him tougher and other kobolds look to him for leadership. He’s learned to use armor after watching daggers slide off of his enemy. He’s learned to use better weapons, and actually practices using them. He doesn’t want to end up a light snack of XP for the next wizard that comes strolling by.

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