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Maybe this criticism is harsh, but I've just seen too many feats like this.

"Wield a two-handed weapon in one hand" has been made many times now. Like most of them, this one doesn't account for longbows or other weapons which have a good reason to be two-handed.

At face value, this lets you replace longsword attacks (average damage of 40.5 ¼) with greatsword attacks (average damage of 7). That +2.5 (on average) damage per primary attack is already worth the cost of an entire feat, if not more so. The +1 Str/Dex on top makes this more powerful than it should be.

The 18 Strength requirement is very unnecessary. The Feat Design Guide has plenty of explanation why ability score prerequisites should be odd-numbered, and rarely if ever higher than 13.

The shield line is unnecessary. If you're wielding a weapon in one hand, there's no reason you would be unable to wield a shield. You can hold a longbow in one hand and still carry a shield, technically, you just can't attack with it.

The weapon line is strangely restrictive but at least it prevents you from combining this with the dual-wielding feat in the PH. In-universe though it doesn't really explain why you can't hold a greatsword in one hand and a dagger with the other. Just because you wield two weapons doesn't automatically mean you get a fightan' magic extra attack (unless they both have the light property or other fightan' magic special conditions apply). - Guy 10:46, 8 September 2018 (MDT)

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