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Alright, thought it might be time to make some notes about this, since it doesn't really seem like a true campaign setting yet and if someone looked they might get the wrong idea.

I truly believe (and several professional campaign writers share this belief) that the most important part of any setting is its history. The ruined tower with the legendary sword on the wall in the top room wasn't always just there, nor was the ten-foot ogre in front of the sword.

Someone built that tower. And even if you don't care about who built it, an entirely different someone is responsible for it being in ruins. Maybe it was destroyed in a war. Maybe it was the site of something that made it uninhabitable. Hell, maybe internal problems called for budget cuts, and the tower was cut out of the new defense plan and left to rot. SOMETHING is the reason it's no longer inhabited by people and instead holds enough hobgoblins to fill a stadium.

But, yes, we're going to build a quest or two here. Right now we're just laying the foundation.

Also, I've always wanted to find a country where playing bad music is a federal offense.--The Archivist 11:13, 27 August 2007 (MDT)

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