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Rating: 5 / 5
This is very comprehensive in most aspects.

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A land kissed by the sun's warmth and blessed by the glory of nature. A land whose own natural marvels are only rivaled by the ones forged by her inhabitants. I think I'll take it.
—Feldiris, the pirate king, upon seeing the shores of Serlithana

Player Info

More than you ever wanted to know about us.
Magic and Psionics
For those who want to drive science mad.
Were those fightin' words?
Obey or die.
Organizations and Societies
All the little people playing their little games...

World Reference

War, peace, bureaucracy, and then more war.
Because there's no way you got this far on your own.
These are the people you want to see.
Everyone comes from somewhere.
The lay of the land, and what lies there.

The Canadese Legacy

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