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There's 10 rounds in a minute, and that's an average of 20.5 ½ hit points per round. In other words, this spell can heal an average 25 hit points per slot level. Granted it takes a while, but even if this spell is only used outside of combat I think that is way too much, especially for a 1st-level spell—it's more than triple the healing potential of cure wounds. Heal, a 6th level spell, only restores 70 hit points, but at the same level this spell restores an average of a whopping 150.
What's more, this is exclusive to rangers and druids, which by design can heal but are not generally not intended to be as effective at healing as paladins and clerics.

I think this spell would be better balanced if either (a) "1 hit point" was substituted for "1d4 hit points", or (b) this spell was 3rd level and it didn't have an "At Higher Levels" option. - Guy (talk) 13:09, 8 August 2017 (MDT)

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