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Creator's Comment[edit]

please feel free to add any constructive criticism to this class. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Tallen4720 (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Just my thoughts[edit]

Hi Tallen, like I said trying to provide my review of things and hopefully others do the same.
I'd prefer if they chose 1 skill instead of two. Why not simple weapons instead of a list?
There are two common saving throws. 5e you get a common and uncommon (Dex, Con, Wis & Str, Int, Cha)
Faiths Mastery should limit the spells. I would say up to a relevant ability. Every spellcaster has a finite resource of spell slots and 1st level is 4 across the board. Gaining extra spells has limitations such as short or long rest, sorcery points, the wizards feature, etc. So I feel you gotta limit these 1st and 2nd level spells.
Deity's Blessing all spell slots is too much. Regaining spells isn't bad, its great, but I think all is over the top.


I normally skip these but they are the bread and butter of the class it looks. And I think they cause some issues with the balance via "hidden" power.

Faith in Heavens[edit]

Player's question, can I pray during a long rest? I know the rules for resting, but I think this distinction would help. ("During a long rest you may pray"). 8 hours is long too though. Have you every tried praying for even 10 minutes :p
I think it is cool to use wisdom instead of normal ability modifier. Your faith guides your strikes, really cool. Gain a cantrip (which the class has none! big deal) and you get Religion again? Switching the damage type ain't too big a thing but allowing Wisdom modifier to deal extra damage I think is. There is a lot packed into this feature and ability modifier damage on a cantrip is a big deal. Warlock have to devote an Invocation to it. Holy Power being a resource equal to a skill. Now that is something I hadn't considered and I think is interesting. I like that the resource, Faith Dice, are tied to the religion skill. Very thematic. What needs done though is better wording for clarity. Where did these faith dice come from? A little more detail, and I can help, on these dice. As I go through the Holy Powers and the verbiage used I can get confused because I chose these holy powers, then Im using holy power to gain faith dice? Is my holy power gone now because I used it? Something to consider though, someone that multiclasses to rogue and selects religion as expertise just gained a huge boon. To be fair, even WotC didn't balance classes against one another, but we certainly try to consider these things.
Choosing holy powers this is the hidden power. You're getting features at subclass levels and these holy powers at 5, 10, & 15. Coupled with your Faith Dice increasing. I think it best to go over the powers too.

  • Retribution-How many Faith Dice?
  • Smite-I don't like giving the enemy a faith dice to reduce damage I just did, and its a bit wonky of a penalty
  • Preach the Faith-don't refer players to other rules. (See bard) type the rules out.
  • Godly Strike needs some rewording, also, can I take this at level or do I have to wait until level 10?
  • Immaculate Healing-How do you perform a critical heal? (better wording)
  • Santified Spell-As long as you can't get more holy power than sorcery points, then I suppose the cost to do this shouldn't be too bad.
  • Celestial Reaction, are there even enough reactionary spells that you can added faith dice to?
  • Holy Terror, what's your DC? and maybe 1 minute duration? Your spending an action and resource to scare them for one turn? I don't think I'd do this.
  • Untainted gives a good chance to explain the phrase free action isn't used. If something occurs during the action of another thing, just say so. "When you cast a healing spell, you may use one Holy Power to add a Faith Dice etc"
  • Pure-wording, and I am starting to get the feel of a healing sorcerer. This is just metamagic for healing spells.
  • Undefiled, how many faith dice?
  • Holy Nova, what damage? what healing? It says I do it, but doesn't say how much.
  • Healing Flame-Level 1, you wanna max Wisdom, and your proficient so you have +7, that's 7 "holy Power" so you can heal on average 25 hit points. I think that is a fair trade.
  • Exorcise-does the extra faith dice count against how many I have total? wording, don't abbreviate.

Hand of Faith So you get the expertise I mentioned here...I think this is a good feature. I would balance the holy powers more than I would touch this.

Blind Faith cute play on words. Good for 10th, plus adding the increased faith die helps.

Acension Very nice.

This subclass I like the later features the most. The increasing faith die makes the "minor" or not so impactful features balanced in my opinion.

Faith in Abyss[edit]

Need clarity on this eating magic weapons business.
Summoning a thrall is way over complicated to me. Can this be simplified. I think the snake head and obtaining a thrall champion is cool (basically a animal companion-'ish) but unsure about 1 per head yet, but losing a snake head helps. The mechanics are pretty unique and I hope they stay.
Embrace the Abyss has a lot packed in there. I don't know what the first part is saying, I think you mean add your relevant ability modifier to damage? But I would specify the ability. Also, what if the spell already allows me to do this or I have an effect that allows this? The healing might be beneficial to reduce one level so that hit points gained from necromancy are doubled. You're already dealing damage so healing double or triple would be anyones wish. What is the necrotic poison you are referencing?
Linked to your Thrall is alright. Are you saying you gain advantage on ranged attack rolls with this? That's game changing, really needs tested for balance. How far does the link go? could decide how fair it is for ranged attacks. Multiclass rogue, sneak attack on ranged attacks? ouch! lol
Castle of the Abyss no complaints and another feature I really enjoy. This is super cool and I think 5x per long rest would be fair.

In summary Faith in Abyss seems better worded and structured, easier to follow. I think some little things with the thrall need spelled out. Faith in the Heavens needs love to make things simple. Keep the terminology consistent, don't overlap or mix things. I was original thinking about saying rework it so the class for Faith Die but the abyss don't get Holy Powers. Other ideas were floating too but after the abyss they went out the window and making Heavens better seems like the better choice. hope this helps and sorry it took so long. I remember you asking but I got distracted :/ ~ BigShotFancyMan (talk) 10:22, 8 February 2019 (MST)

been a while[edit]

i had forgotten that i had not flushed out the spell list of this class. and with a new kid and a new house it took me a bit of time to finish it. again. any notes and thoughts would be nice. we did manage to do some play testing with both versions. i will be editing part of the thrall section as well as possibly adding a few new holy power options to the heavens. i might actually add a third subclass to this called Faith in the Keeper. which will take the spells away from the class and basically be a void of energy. using the spell slots to steal magic rather than cast it.

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