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Divine Infallibility[edit]

In keeping with the old tradition of confirming critical hits (1. Roll into crit range 2. Roll a hypothetical attack roll to see if it deals critical damage 3. If a 20 is rolled on that attack, roll a third time 4. If a third natural 20 is rolled, instantly kill), if Mortarion rolls 4 natural 1s in a row, he was meant to fail that roll. I realize that going from 1/8000 to instantly kill something to 1/16000 to fail an attack is tragically staggering, but that's what makes the trait divine. A part of Mortarion is the God-Emperor whether he likes it or not, and the God-Emperor seldom misses an attack (he shouldn't have missed the opportunity to attack Horus, but oh well). --GD-Psycho (talk) 15:31, 21 July 2017 (MDT)

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