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Greetings, I'm Timotheus, creator of the Mobian Variant 5e race.

I wanted to make this little discussion about the recently added Bird subrace, since I have some problems with it. First things first, I like the concept of the Bird subrace, I actually wanted to add this one from the get-go, but there was a reason why I ended up without it. That reason being, that I wanted to make a single subrace for each ability score. If I would've added the Bird as well as the Hedgehog, there would be two dexterity based subraces. This is why I chose the Hedgehog over the Bird, because I deemed it more important. And whilst I do encourage people trying to implement it, there are issues with the current form. The biggest issue being that I don't feel like a race should give +3 on one ability score. This is why I gave all the subraces +2 in their main category, and +1 to another that felt at least somewhat fitting. Besides that, I think the "Like a Feather" feature is a good idea, but unfortunately I see a large resemblance of its use to "Natural Peacekeeper", from the Rabbit subrace. They both share the same resistance to falling damage, except the bird has a better explanation.

For now, I have decided to remove the Bird subrace, until these issues are resolved or discussed about. To anyone willing to contribute about this race, I ask of you to discuss your subrace's ability scores and feature here in the discussion page before making drastic changes. I want this Mobian race to feel at least somewhat refined, and thus don't want any changes unless thoroughly thought of.

Thank you for your attention,

- Timotheus.

Hey, Timotheus,

I apologize for making changes without talking to you first. I wanted to reply for that reason and to explain my reasoning for the choices I made regarding the Bird subrace. The reason why I gave the Bird subrace +3 Dexterity was because it would differentiate it from the Hedgehog subrace in particular, because of how you mentioned that would make two Dexterity-based races. Regarding the "Like a Feather" feature, I drew heavily from the abilities given from the Sonic Forces and Sonic Riders video games, which I assume the other subraces drew their inspiration from as well. I feel like the Rabbit's "Natural Peacekeeper" feature doesn't fit the falling damage resistance it receives (even though it is an ability that particular race receives in Sonic Forces), and I feel like a Persuasion proficiency would better fit the Rabbit subrace's theme. I really didn't understand the Animal Handling proficiency you gave that subrace, especially since you've made the Mobian race a Humanoid race. I didn't want to edit the Rabbit subrace you made because of the reasons you gave above.

I really feel as though this race is incomplete without all seven subraces. I feel like there's a lot of potential in the Society and History sections to address all seven subraces, just as you describe the seven Chaos Emeralds. I hope this clears up my reasoning for editing your well-made Mobian race, and if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns feel free to reply! Good work, and I am very excited to hear your reply! :)

--EpicBoss99 (talk) 15:39, 11 February 2018 (MST)

Hey thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it.

First of, I wanted to say thank you for the compliment on the history section, and I also wanted to confirm my source being from Sonic Forces. I see your reasoning behind the bird subrace, but perhaps there is a better option than 3+ dex. The Hedgehog currently has +2 Dex and +1 Cha, perhaps it is a good idea to change this Charisma to a different ability score for the Bird subrace. Perhaps Intelligence, as a reference towards their knowledge of the advanced Extreme Gear (since we do lack intelligence score improvements in the subraces)? As for the Animal Handling explanation, I used Cream and Cheese as a reference to this, seeing as Cream has it quite comfortable around the Chao in general. I do like your idea of a Persuasion proficiency, so I think I will implement that soon.

One last note, I think I will add in a variation of the Halfling Nimbleness feature: "You can move through the space of any creature that is of a size larger than yours." Please give me your opinion on this, as I am in kind of a doubt at the moment.

Thank you for your support :)

- Timotheus


I really like the +2 Dexterity and +1 Intelligence idea for the Bird subrace. If you want, I can add the Bird subrace back with those changes in mind. Also, I've made an Extreme Gear vehicle in the past if you want to use it at any point. I also now understand why you used the Animal Handling proficiency for the Rabbit subrace and I think it makes sense to keep it now. Also, I like the idea of adding the Halfling Nimbleness feature, but it would also require you to make the size of the Mobians Small, which makes logical sense in my opinion, especially since humans have been seen on multiple occasions being taller than Mobians in a lot of Sonic games. Finally, I can also assist in adding 5E SRD links and 5E Wording to your race, if you'd like (similar to what I've done in these reply messages). Thanks for the reply and the clarification! :)

--EpicBoss99 (talk) 17:01, 11 February 2018 (MST)

Hiya, EpicBoss99.

Straight away I now give you premission to add the Bird subrace with these changes. I will be sure to provide a better explanation with the Rabbit feature, as I feel it to be lacking in description. As for the size, it's a yes and no situation. On one hand, the official wiki states Sonic being 100cm tall, but on the other hand, Sonic is as tall as a lot of the humans in Sonic Unleashed. Besides this, I also have an issue with the limitations that Small size brings with certain equipment. For example, I don't want to limit the Mobians' use of Heavy Weaponry. As for the SRD and 5e wording, I would appreciate the help a lot, as this is actually my first ever creation for D&D in general, so I have next to no knowledge on how SRD works (I did study 5e Homebrew though).

Glad to see the Bird subrace appearing soon ;)

- Timotheus

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