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This is exceedingly dangerous for PCs under level 9. Random effects always benefit Mobs over Characters. If a Goblin or Knoll looses a foot, then oh well. There are always more enemies, but a character has to live with it until fixed. Attaching the effect to critical with high DC saves means that it is non-viable for low level campaigns. At that stage it would push players to retire their character rather than afford a regenerate spell.

You are also stacking effects. A successful critical is already offering a reward in the form of ignoring AC and potentially additional damage. Adding an additional effect is like adding salt to an injury. Much like a botch chart, rolling a one is already a punishment in the same sense. By stacking an additional effect on critical you are only multiplying the punishment to the players when they are the targets of this effect.

Dont get me wrong, I am all for losing limbs during battle as it actually happened in history. However I would see it more as an intentional attempt like a trip or sunder. The mechanics behind attacks of opportunity means that not many are going to be willing to attempt it at low levels and you avoid a completely random effect that favors monsters over players. As it is this system fails to achieve the intended goal. Loosing limb in a death stroke is just flavor text in a battle. Colorful but ultimately pointless. Anytime a critical is not enough to cause a death blow then it is more likely that the PCs are going to suffer the ill effects, before the target.

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