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I am currently working on this class. It's not finished yet and I really want this to become a class in DnD. So I would like to ask you guys if this class is ok or still OP or something like that. I already made some changes based on a few advices I got (thanks for that, by the way.). So have fun looking throu the Inquisitor I made.

I made some changes to some of the features and added a feature more.

  Does now not reduce the maxumum amount of hit points permanently but temporarely, when used to boost the healing effect. Maximum hit points can be restoret in a special riual at a temple of your deity. You can 
  give a roll of 2d12 hit points to an allied creature permanently but you loose the same amount of hit points permanently.
  Scourge of Heresy
  You can mark a humanoid and intelligent creature as a heretic (perception throw) if it does not have the same deity as you. You deal ectra radiant damage to that creature for as long as you fight it.
  Damage dealt
  I have really no idea about the damage I put into the Inquisitors features, since I never leveled a char past 7. So can you please tell me, if the damage of the features should be boostet or nerfed. Thanks for
  your help!

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You can just edit Inquisitor, Variant (5e Class) instead of making a new page. You could copy all the content from this page and paste it there. You can even have this page redirect to that one (or vice versa). - Guy (talk) 15:05, 19 April 2017 (UTC)

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