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Class Review[edit]

Hey man, just offering a quick opinion. Right away, I notice a very large image. I think it NEEDs to be shrunk, which I apologize, I am not expert at doing that.

  • Starting equipment could use some love. Can choose any simple but they aren't proficient with all simple. and I think a Light xbow is a lot more valuable than any simple weapon.
  • A minor thing, Inferno Origin should be above spellcasting (class descriptions ideally follow the order they're gotten)
  • regain half of how many inferno points? half my level? half my max? half of what? clarify when you finish these rests as well, at least that is the standard
  • spellcasting references sorcerer still (assuming you copy pasted, I do the same)it's not bad to use sorcerer list, but its the inferno table now, make sense?
  • flame recovery-grammar. I know what you mean, but it isn't conveyed currently. short on time though. also, I am unsure of power/level ratio on this. I think features like this come later.
  • font of fire is cool. just grammar issues.
  • combining 5th level on this bullet, after typing up the both, hindsight says together, I think its decent level 5 combo.
burst flame-recent knowledge nudges me to think this is weak. 5th level is extra attack or 3rd level spells, this costs 25% your extra resource and does 1d6. being a bonus action helps balance this, but I don't feel good about getting this feature at level 5.
one with fire- nice feature. clarify 5 damage from an attack otherwise peeps might try to carry damage over and it'd be unconventional. maybe this paired with font of fire isn't too bad for 5th level up (similar to rogue doesn't just get uncanny, they get more sneak attack too, so similar, defensive and conditional offensive.
  • inferno skills-I saw when you first created this article and was curious why it wasn't sorcerer subclass. and I've had similar thoughts reviewing it still, and see this feature, I feel its appropriate to ask now, why isn't this a subclass?
  • extinguish-has a lot going on. I find it hard to balance features that have numerous effects taking place, or numerous effects that intertwine within itself.
  • Lave walk-I need to verify the power level of damage immunity, ESPCIALLY one of the most common damage types. I am not fond of stacking a resistance with an immunity in the same level either.
  • 13th level feature-incorporeal implies something on the astral plane on something caught in between (ghost usually). grammar issues. and when you say you become something, typically if there's changes the phrase "except as noted" follows and you list the differences. with so many differences I am skeptical if its worth saying you turn into a fire elemental though?
  • fire master-okay, I was super excited reading the fire jumping thing, thing omgosh so cool. then I read the casting spells without slots and like no bud sorry lol we can't do that. can you think of the flavor you are trying to go with here? might be able to help come up with a creative balanced idea for ya.
  • blast burn-hard penalties like listed are avoided. disadvantage is preferred. otherwise, this just a fireball? except constitution save? why con and not dex? almost all fire spells are dex saves.
  • I Burn-I like these ideas a lot, esp the thirst one. Need more looking into for their balance though. BigShotFancyMan (talk) 14:05, 22 March 2018 (MDT)

Class Ideas[edit]

So, I was thinking about how I could make this class better/more balanced/viable. As I was looking at it, I noticed that it was only a half-spellcaster, and it doesn't have a spell list and I asked myself, "Why is it only a half-spellcaster when all it does is spellcasting?" After asking myself that, I brainstormed and think I came up with some neat ideas to fix this. What if, to make this class unique, it could shape fire into solid constructs. Also, the Blue and Red fire Dragons should both stand for something different, such as the Red flames of Destruction and the Blue flames of Life (or something along those lines). As I've started doing, I'll discuss subclasses separately. I don't think what you have is inherently bad, I'm just curious why it couldn't be a subclass. I know you wouldn't get every feature listed here but blast burn is essentially fireball, fire skills I think sorc gets as core class. I've seen wikians/admins say if someone felt the need to create, then there's a reason so I don't mean to deter this article from completion. I am asking to gain insight for this class. - InfernyaFenix (talk)

The core reason i created this class was for to show people like your self that fire is not the weakest of the four main elements such as Water,earth,and air.water is the essential enemy of fire and rocks dont get burned and air snuff out fire.but some people fail to realize that ire can evaporate water instantly when the fire is hot enough and rocks turn to lava when melted and air pushes fire up making it hotter and hotter.and if im being honest blue fire is the hottest fire so thats a no go on the blue flames of life but i think i can work some healing into one of the subclass if you want.and because fire is just so cool and i saw the Enkindler class and dint really like how it used fire so i made this for the two dragons the Blue Inferno Dragon of incineration and disintegration is flavor text i would love to make more than that but my ideas would break D&D completely.for your under standing Of Incineration is a dragon who has harnessed the power of fire into a deadly weapon and commands all things fire but only fights to protect.the Red inferno dragon of disintegration just wants to see the world burn he focuses on melee power and using fire to further boost his attacks and just burn brighter than anything.since im already here i guess ill just tell you the story of the two dragons.

The Blue Inferno Dragon of incineration is rumored to have the complete knowledge of fire along with how devastating it is every time someone lights a fire it is only by his blessing does that fire become ignited (this is why some people cant light fires).The Blue Inferno Dragon of incineration name is Ulhar Ixen he was born by the collision of 7 Blue suns back when the worlds where being the result a blue dragon rose forth with enough heat to decimate worlds but as luck would have it Ulhar had a really curious mind and also very protective of what ever he deems treasure but then one day while flying across the sky he spots a tiny human wandering across the great desert sands it was incredibly hot,so Ulhar picks up the human and takes it back to his lair on his return the human looks up to see the giant beast and tries to run away but was blocked by a wall of fire that had Draconic inscriptions on the human could not read the inscriptions for a while then the Ulhar blew some fire on the human and instantly read the inscription it said "I am Ulhar the The Blue Inferno Dragon of incineration and i have taken a liking unto you".the wall of fire then dies down and then there is a spark of deep red bright light that enter the cave it is Ulhar clutch mate Charmir and he says in the common tongue no human i have taken a liking unto you follow me.careful not to be enraged Ulhar speaks calmly and says do not go with him.then Charmir blows fire into the human showing it a vision of the raw power of the fire he wields but Ulhar must not allow this human to be consumed by the power of Charmir so he blows a protective fire as the flames mix the become a bright purple for 10 seconds until exploding pushing both dragons back causing the lair to shake the wall fall as the human is crushed my the rocks Charmir says look what you have done you have not seen the last of me as he leaves Ulhar digs up the human do see its lifeless body and makes a vow to always use his flames for good and burn away all that is evil.but charmir has other plans to have as many disciples by his side to drown the world in a never ending cycle of destruction. Hope you enjoyed that,that was just a part of the story im actually running a campaign and my friend is sampling the Inferno subclass of Ulhar and thats how the story plays out Charmir wanting to destroy worlds and Ulhar wanting knowledge and protecting.--Alucarddragonborn (talk) 12:04, 13 April 2018 (MDT)

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