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About Me[edit]

hello there to anyone reading this my name is Alucard and before you ask yes it is Dracula spelled(get it) backwards a little bit about me is that i fell in love with D&D my freshman year of highschool and it is all i ever loved since then.But dont get me wrong i also love anime and manga and video games of all kinds except two world's.being on the wiki is fun it has lots of good users and helpful Admin.

My Classes[edit]

My first Class was the Dominion Overlord my first idea for was do be this crazy powerful monster with loads of damage dealing capability but that's not how the wiki works do now it's just fun little class with cool powers.

The Vampyre is my second class I made, it's initial design was to be Alucard from the castlevaina game series and it holds it's own in late game combat.

The Vampyre Knight is supposed to be be a vampyre but not the one who lives in the shadows, the one who has a bloodline reaching back to ancient vampires and becomeing their knight.

The Inferno is basically about being a very strong sorcerer who wields the flames that will melt anything and turn forest to ashes.

The Nano Spider was a lot of fun there was a class called the spider monk but its not on here now so i made a nano spider your basically spider man with a ton of nano energy this class may not fit into a traditional D&D setting so talk to your dm before using it.

The Predator is basically have all the ability of a predator the stealth the strength the hunting all in one.

The Class im currently working on is the Shinobi ninjas are a must have in medieval times complete with fast strikes and faster running.

The Demon King the one who can strike deals with anyone giving your power to them and their service to you.

My races[edit]

I have only made the one race its the Yautja its meant to be the race for the predator class and is super strong.

My Worlds[edit]

Vanchilia is my first world i basally took the Orizon and made it my own just making it into a different setting.that way it was easier for me to make a setting and its more of a world than a setting.

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