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I just had some things to say about the template, "Spells are not class abilities. Spells can be granted by class abilities, but they are not in and of themselves class abilities" Okay, okay, I understand but have you seen level five? It's a gun without reloading or ammo, I personally think that deserves it's own class ability. "None of the options you get to choose from are balanced against each other." Alright, I'll fix this, Doom will give barbarian rage, not sure what Tetris will award(update: added Pajitnov's Four). "'Stereotypes' fill the role of subclasses" No, they don't, I understand where you got that idea from, but they don't, they are just a tiny detail. "For many levels, it is unclear whether you gain all of the outlined abilities or must choose between them." I'm fixing that. --BAGGINSES305

I understand that I may not have provided adequate detail on the problems this page has, and the cause of the balance template. Allow me to address these points now.
This class has poor internal consistency, none of its abilities interact with or build upon any others. You gain a fairly strong cantrip at level 5 but only a single proficiency at level 6? That's not exactly balanced. The information for the spells is all lumped together in one paragraph, as opposed to neatly formatted.
Additionally, cutting and pasting class features from core material is generally frowned upon without good reason, especially with the Barbarian's rage, a feature that defines an entire class. The Hadouken is not defined in any manner other than damage - no action or duration is given, no target is described, and 1d10+Wis is incredibly underpowered for an ability that can only be used once every long rest. Put that together and you have an ability you can't actually use, that deals a minimal amount of damage to nothing, once.
Time Bubble has some potential, but the DC being a set 19 is simply confounding. If your class has abilities that require a save, the class should have a save DC, presumably one that scales with its level. I recommend converting this class into a half-caster.
Clairvoyance is also undefined. Is this an action you take to gain its benefits? How long does it last? Its cooldown does not fit with 5e conventions, it should read X times per short or long rest. Wraith Possession is unfortunately also so vague as to be unusable. What defines a 'cliff top'? Why such a low DC? What does 'own' mean? Why is there no limit on how often this can be performed, or how many creatures can be commanded at once with this feature, or how powerful of a creature can be commanded? All of these things and more are very important to ensure your class can be easily understood and well balanced.
Several levels in this class appear only to list various bits of equipment, several of which already exist on this wiki already. Granting mundane equipment through a level-up doesn't make much sense, as it can be obtained earlier and more easily in other manners. "Fast Travel" is an incredibly powerful ability - much too powerful, I would say. Its incredibly low save DC is also a point of confusion, as it's very hard to roll below a 2 and it doesn't appear to have any consequences for failure anyway.
What you have here is what I would term a very rough draft. It can be refined into something useful through a lot of work and effort, but it is unusable in its current state. I hope that, given time, you are able to bring this page to suitable completion. --Nuke The Earth (talk) 22:36, 31 July 2022 (MDT)
I think, for the sake of funny (which was plastered on there before any attentions were bought to this class), the necessity of much of the "usual class design in 5e" is unneeded here. Granted, some of the stuff could be made actually playable. But, as a riff on players in games, it would be cool and funny to use more gamer language versus 5e standardized lingo. Gamer jokes can also be thrown in. Abilities drawn from many different games would not HAVE to be synergized. They just have to be clearly from some game, and then make some weird amalgam in this class. You could have them be more coherent if you want to separate subclasses by game genre, which would make things thematically more concise ("street-fighter style", "open world", eg.). However, there isn't anything conceptually wrong with a varied gamer either. The more crusty mechanics stuff could use some un-crustifying, but I think this isn't a bad go for an AF class.--Yanied (talk) 19:43, 1 August 2022 (MDT)
I'm of the opinion that all pages on the wiki, even AF pages, should be at minimum functional, even if they are not reasonable. --Nuke The Earth (talk) 04:01, 2 August 2022 (MDT)
I think this can be "fun"ctional. If Bagginses wants, I can help a bit (albeit slowly).--Yanied (talk) 18:43, 2 August 2022 (MDT)

Hey, NTE, I think i fixed of the only "Unclear of choice" sections. If I didn't, could you specify on the section(s)? Also, thank god i got rid of the Carrion Beast before you saw it, i'd be in deep **** --BAGGINSES305

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