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Class is taken from Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Ghelspad p 232. Content was designed as Open Game Content in that work's license section. Words and sentences interpreted as product identity were removed.

The class itself is a train wreck and mostly useful for how NOT to create a class.

  • The class has the ability to turn good and evil constructs. Constructs are always neutral.
  • Catchcraft weapons have no gp value.
  • Crafting roll doubles. DOUBLES.
  • The crafter gets a divine bonus that gets explained as not stacking with an enhancement bonus. That's what non-stacking is for. That should be an enhancement bonus.
  • The class's supreme ability only activates if your character dies.
  • The class can turn intelligent evil weapons to good. How many of those have you seen in 3.x? Even in the Scarred Lands setting, you just don't see these items.
  • It is a heavy skills class with a small skill list.
  • The class is easily taken by fighters and paladins, but grants on a d6!!!


I rate this class at 4 for balance. It was written for 3.0 rules, but even for that rules set, this class doesn't work. It's barely acceptable as an NPC class. It only gets a four for reasonable writing, but even the writing is iffy. --Dmilewski 21:00, 18 February 2007 (MST)

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