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Should this be Disambiguation?[edit]

I just made this a disambiguation page, should it be one or should it just redirect to the SRD version as before? Is this how we want disambiguation pages to work? Please give your thoughts. --Green Dragon 11:07, 29 May 2007 (MDT)

I think some things benefit from a direct redirect to the SRD (for instance, Paladin), but that something like this, which has multiple articles with very similar or identical titles diserves a disambiguation page. Someone looking for the SRD Drow will find them, but also be exposed to the two homebrews as well. I think this is an adequate application of disambiguation. --Rakankou 13:00, 29 May 2007 (MDT)
I agree, and I am glad others do as well :). --Green Dragon 00:36, 1 June 2007 (MDT)


Is there a 5e Drow Arachnomancer? --Redrum 13:38, 4 November 2017 (MDT)

Is there a 5e Drow Spider Rider? --Redrum 13:29, 25 November 2017 (MST)

The content of this article suggests "no."--GamerAim Chatmod.png (talk) 14:28, 25 November 2017 (MST)

Drow/Dark Elf/Dark Elves[edit]

As Drow are Dark Elves, I stuck 'Dark Elf' a term2, but now we're not including 'Dark Elves', which means this dab excludes at least 1 entry which should theoretically be on here. I don't know what to doooo. I guess we should just leave Dark Elf and Drow to seperate dabs. --SgtLion (talk) 02:08, 6 December 2017 (MST)

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