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Opinions on the Vampire God Variant Prestige Class[edit]

I found your vampire overhaul work after hearing about it from the Vampire God Variant as changed for your overhaul. Out of curiosity what is your opinion on said class. I personally enjoyed it but it's kind of terrifying to think about what a Pureblood could do with the class. User: Rowknan 8:25, 2 February 2016 (UTC)


What is the LA change for each one? One can add the category multiple times. --Green Dragon 12:39, 21 November 2010 (MST)

It is impossible to belong to more than one bloodline and the only way you can belong to more than one category is to "degenerate" into Category E, which is just a vampire who has given into their animalistic instincts and gone crazy. Category E offers no benefits and PCs that degenerate become NPCs; though, the vampire keeps all their abilities (I'm planning on fleshing out category e more later). The LA for Category C is +3 per class because the PC or NPC will gain 3 levels in each class upon becoming a vampire. This works the same way for Categories A and B. B is +6 and A is +10. Category B is an inherent template only. I have hinted that Category A can be acquired (because this was the only way to account for the existence of more than 1 pureblood in the world I made) but I strongly discourage letting the PCs get that much power outside of a very high level campaign. Otherwise, the only acquirable categories are C and E. I apologize for any mistypes for the time being but my left arm is in a cast so I only have 1 hand to type with right now. -FiddleSticks96


What version of D&D are you using because it looks like AD&D. --Grim914 22:45, 21 November 2010 (MST)

When I first started this overhaul I was using AD&D Core 2.0 Rules. I switched to Core 3.5 half way through so there are still some conversions I need to make. I am mostly unfamiliar with anything but core 2.0 but I recently acquired about 40 source books including the 3.5 master's guides and player handbooks. This will make things easier for me so it should be fully converted to core 3.5 soon enough but as stated above, I currently have only one hand to type with so I won't be making any large edits for at least another week.
Thank you for explaining, it was really confusing see like +5 to skills and then + 60% listen chance. Good work on this though, sorry about your arm. --Grim914 22:50, 25 November 2010 (MST)
Thanks. I wanted to make vampires much more role-playish. That's why there's so much info. Not every thing has to revolve around combat.
I noticed that it was more centered around creating base for role playing instead of just random combat abilities. What type of vampire did you use as a base. --Grim914 22:50, 25 November 2010 (MST)
Actually, I drew from many different sources. I used a lot of elderscrolls lore when it came to the bloodline names and traits. Well, over half of the bloodlines in elderscrolls do not have specified powers so I had to make up over half of it. I got the category idea from vampire knight but I added dhampirs because of vampire juuji kai. I based the yekef bloodline off of the reaper strain in blade 2. There are other various media I was inspired by but those are the main ones. Most of the role play lore came straight out of stories I wright in my head. If I ever find the time I'll be writing a few books. Looking at the overhaul I realize there's still a lot of things I need to fix. In any case, I hope everyone finds this overhaul to be a sweet relief from the traditional random powers, "must be evil", and pitiful potential for roleplay that is the default vampire template- FiddleSticks96 Nov 26
P.S. how do I get my user name/date/time to show up without typing it in each time? (time it took me to type this response...5 minutes)
You just do (- - ~ ~ ~ ~) but without the spaces. --Grim914 00:00, 27 November 2010 (MST)


This is for those who are curious about my progress on fixing the many issues present when the overhaul was first posted. Please do not post in this topic. This topic is solely to keep everyone updated. I started this using AD&D rules but switched to 3.5 half way through. That is why there were so many discrepancies. I am starting to get the 3.5 rules now. It shouldn't take that much longer for me to fully grasp them.

I just went through all the bloodlines (except for the Anthotis, Thrafey, and Varseth bloodlines) to fully convert them to core 3.5 and complete them. The Selenu bloodline in particular has been fleshed out. There shouldn't be any more problems. Anthotis isn't complete yet because I have never played or DM'd a campaign with psionics in it. It is very unfamiliar to me so progress is slow. The classes for the Thrafey and Varseth bloodlines are incomplete. I haven't had much free time lately AND my left arm is in a cast right now. Typing with one hand is very slow.

The Thaumaturgy class is mostly done. I still need to make some additions and tweaks though.

I haven't started the Spiritualist class yet but have several ideas for how it is going to play out.

I intend to make a vampire hunter class and I've already posted some enchantments as well as some spell names.

There are still various tweaks I need to make but none of them are big. - (--FiddleSticks96 17:58, 30 November 2010 (MST))

Got my hand back (finally). It's still kinda weak but I can type now (YAY!!!). Normally, progress would be faster now but due to certain things in real life right now I have less free time. As if to throw a monkey wrench into it all (though I don't mind this at all), I'm about to DM a new campaign with the 3.5 rules. Been awhile, I'm glad, though these new rules have taken some getting used to (Skills? Feats? Ability Modifiers? WTF!?). All in all, it looks like I'm stuck with having a life just like the rest of the world. Little by little, this overhaul will get done. FiddleSticks96 20:11, 2 December 2010 (MST)
I have completed the Shadowdash ability. I may or may not add to it, depending on whether or not I think of anything new. I have defined exactly how a vampire weakens over time as they forgo their feeding. I'll probably add the Thaumaturgy class sometime this week. I also defined some of the anti-vampire spells. Other than that, I have tweaked various things, making some things clearer, and changing some statistics. FiddleSticks96 09:38, 7 December 2010 (MST)
In light of the fact that there already exists a class called Thaumaturgist, I will be renaming it to Cruormancer.
I have began fleshing out Dhampirs. It will be practically identical to the Major Bloodline Traits for vampires already listed on this sight but with some minor changes in addition to added bonuses depending upon which bloodline the Dhampir belongs to. You can thank one of my players in the most recent campaign I am DMing. They went and got a vampire pregnant and it has forced me to start the fleshing out process. (FiddleSticks96 17:36, 24 December 2010 (MST))
I haven't updated in a long time. I've moved my work on to a different website but I will be keeping this one updated as well.
Since my last update on this site, I have made many changes. I have made many tweaks throughout the overhaul to remove discrepancies. It now follows 3.5e much more closely.
The Cruormancer class has been renamed to Sangromancer. Both the Sangromancer and Spiritualist classes are nearly complete. As is the Vampire Hunter Prestige class.
Most every bloodline has been updated. I have fleshed out the Volkihar bloodline's ability to "create and manipulate ice at will"; though Category C Volkihar vampires are still unable to use said ability. Look through the bloodlines to see the various updates. Some bloodlines have been given more abilities.
Category C Vampires may now regenerate their own organs, but they still cannot regenerate lost limbs.
I have added a new bloodline. Egnana, based off of Ash Vampires in the book "The Lords of the Night: Vampires", written by Bottled Imp Games. I do not own anything.
Vampires are now immune to critical strikes like other undead. I'm about to fix it so that they are immune to sneak attacks as well.
Strength of a vampire's natural weapons are now dependent on the size category of the vampire. Details have been included under the descriptions of the natural attacks.
Enhanced Category A Vampire Damage Reduction. It is now 30/(holy, epic and good, anti-vampire). I also added to the effects of Pure Vampire Blood, allowing 20oz of it to rise as a Blood Ooze. I cut the amount of pure vamp blood required for a lethal dose in half. A lethal dose is now 5oz as opposed to 10oz.
I added to the Pureblood's Aetherial Shadow power. I fixed some things while making their desecration aura more powerful, as I felt this was necessary. I added a second stage to the Aetherial Shadow. The second stage is called "Black Penance". I never intended to use it in-game, as it was an aesthetic choice on my part, and because the main character in one of my stories developed it. See "Pureblood Special Traits" in the "Bloodlines" section for more details.
Removed vampires ability to see through shadowy illumination caused by spells with the darkness descriptor. Now only the Lyrezi bloodline gains this ability.
Added the "Experience Bonus" section. This section explains how to handle the experience reduction bonuses granted by certain bloodlines and describes a method to handle the experience reduction for specific classes when the character is multi-classing.
The effects of the illness that vampires of 51% or more come down with when exposed to a mundane cure for vampirism has be detailed, with increasingly severe effects as the category of the vampire increases. See "Cure" under "General Changes" section for details.
Other changes have been made that I have failed to mention. Mostly because I can't remember what all of the changes have been since I last updated on this site.
FiddleSticks96 10:42, 5 April 2011 (MDT)


Post questions or suggestions here. - FiddleSticks96 Nov 26

ello i suggest you read hellsing that's it (i looked up goth in the search-thingy and got this)

Hellsing is one of the best anime/manga ever. I based the Purblood Vampire ability "Aetherial Shadow" on Alucard's shadow manipulation. Alucard is his own category of vampire. "Category Awesome". FiddleSticks96 10:44, 5 April 2011 (MDT)

FiddleSticks96: This is neither question nor a suggestion rather a compliment sir. I commend you on your creativity. While I may not be able to utilize all the information you have dispensed it has given me a great deal of inspiration for an ongoing campaign I am partaking in. -@BlackPoindexter

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