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Musicus Rating[edit]

Musicus Meter
Score: 5 – 6.5
This race has a score of 5 – 6.5 according to the Musicus Meter race guidelines. With this metric, first-party races' scores range from 4.5 to 8. This is a guideline, not a rule, and it's important to use your own judgment alongside this scoring.
This scoring may be the groundwork for a focused {{needsbalance}} usage. A contributor to this page may request a detailed breakdown of this page's balance. Without this information, {{needsbalance}} may then be removed. This meter cannot be the sole basis for a needsbalance template, but may be included as an accessory to a wider discussion of a race's balance.
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Clockwork Man Score[edit]

Base Clockwork Man Score: 3.5

Cost Racial Trait
3 Ability Score Increase.
0.5 Metal Skin.
-1 Mechanical Vulnerabilities.
0.5 Integration.
0 Measurement Device.
1 Living Construct.
-0.5 No Race-Specific Language.
3.5 Total.

Specialization Score: +1.5 – 3

Cost Racial Trait
0.5 – 1 Specialization 1.
0.5 – 1 Specialization 2.
0.5 – 1 Specialization 3.
1.5 – 3 Total.

Master Design Scores[edit]

Mechanical Angel Score: +3

Cost Racial Trait
-0.5 Speed.
3 Jet Propulsion.
0.5 Talons.
3 Total.

Steampunk Tank Score: +3

Cost Racial Trait
1 Ability Score Increase.
-1 Speed.
1 Cannon.
1.5 Heavy Armor.
0.5 Powerful Build.
3 Total.

Nice Job![edit]

Hey, just took a look at the mechanics of this race (will read the story stuff another day LOL). It looks really nice to me! It's written like how I'd think WotC would write it, so that makes it really easy to understand. And there is so much uniqueness with this race. There was one thing I was concerned about with...

but I can't remember it ;-; if I remember it I'll let you know. But otherwise, I think it's fine for your character to be a Clockwork Man :) --Cosmos (talk) 05:11, 14 June 2019 (MDT)

I never properly thanked you for this! It really means a lot to me that someone really likes the race I made! --Calibri (talk) 21:31, 24 July 2019 (MDT)


I like this race and have currently been giving it a spin with my character. One thing that occurred was that they were bitten by a snake and poisoned, which me and the others in my group did not seem to make sense nor fit with how the race was portrayed. We're mechanical men, made of cogs and springs, unlike say, a warforged, that has magically "living" components like wood and veins. Might I suggest added a caveat to Living Construct that states that you are immune to poison damage and the poisoned condition? --ZarHakkar (talk) 13:51, 31 May 2020 (MDT)‎

That's a very good point, and I'll rectify that. I'll adjust some of the other stats too to ensure that it doesn't become too overpowered, of course.
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