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Let Classes handle at-will attacks. The turtle bites can't compete with them: they don't benefit from weapon proficiency, enchantment bonuses, the damage increase at level 21, and they don't synergize with class features.

If you envisage members of this race actually fighting with their bite as though it were a weapon, I would go the route of Claw Fighter (4e Feat) - make the bite a weapon that the PC can then use with their class attacks.

Shell Slam needs further work, I will make these changes:

  • It needs a bonus to hit and damage at higher levels, since it's not a weapon or implement attack (with which the system assumes you'll be getting enchantment bonuses).
  • Remove "blunt force damage" since that's not a thing in 4e.
  • Change to Strength vs. Fortitude, and 1d10 + Strength damage. Dexterity isn't a racial ability, but Strength is. This way it will be at the very least a +0 bonus.
  • Moving the knock prone from the Effect line to the Hit line.

Hmm, I'm also removing "bonus languages", that's a 3.5e thing, and the other AC bonuses. Marasmusine (talk) 15:28, 10 December 2014 (MST)

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