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Booming Blade says that it will only deal damage if the target moves voluntarily .

Someone wrote this at the bottom of the page. It shouldn't really be on the page of the build itself, so I removed it. Here it is, word for word: READER EDIT: I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm also sorry people post content without fully reading the material. Booming Blade specifically says, "If the target WILLINGLY moves before your next turn" so shoving it or pushing it away does not work, in the same way it doesn't provoke attack of opportunity. They must use their movement. If you have a companion who uses a spell like, Dissonant Whispers that makes them move away, that works.

Fundamental Issues with This Build[edit]

So this build is fundamentally flawed as it relies on you procking Booming Blade by moving someone UNWILLINGLY. This does not work, as a target must WILLINGLY move for that secondary damage source to activate. This build needs to include something Inside It's Own Kit that can force someone to willingly move. This build, as it stands now, is unviable. I am going to move it down to "third-party rules" since it requires a homebrew rule for booming blade.

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