Booming Blades (5e Optimized Character Build)

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The Concept[edit]

There's many ways to move around your opponents, from simple shoving to spells. This takes Booming Blades and as many of those I could think up.

The Build[edit]

For this strategic movement, we'll take a poke of arcane magic and a few levels of fighter and rogue, until we go Tempest Cleric for the win!


Variant Human, and we'll take Magic Initiate as the feat. The cantrips will be Booming Blade and Shocking Grasp, and it really doesn't matter what you take for your 1st level spell.


Level 1-3, we take some rogue levels. Now, we can run away from people who want hugs, and we'll take swashbuckler to be able to run away better. Now, you can dash in, Booming Blade, and rush out

Level 4-6, we go fighter. We'll take a fighting style of Dueling, and at 3rd level, we go Battle Master, taking Pushing Attack and whatever else. Now, we rush in, Booming Blade, move the target dealing the spells damage, and rush out.

Level 7-12, we go Tempest Cleric. Now, we rush in, max Booming Blade and push, run away, people who hit us also take damage, and we have some long range/horde breakers now. We also have heavy armor and shield, and for your first feat take Shield Master, so you can shove easily.

Levels 13-14, we go for a dash of Warlock, taking Eldritch Bolt as a cantrip and Repelling Blast as an invocation. Now, you can shove people even when you're far away

Levels 15+, do whatever. I'd level up more in Tempest, maybe taking another level in Fighter and Rogue or another few in Warlock for the feats

The End Result[edit]

While taking a character build based off of one cantrip, we now have the master of moving opponents around the battlefield. This often neglected part of combat is very strategic, and now you can shove people off cliffs, into lava pits, into corners, into trap spells, and many much more interesting things than just Booming Blade


Booming blade secondary damage only triggers if the target 'willingly moves', so being pushed with shoves or repelling blast will mean they are moved but do not take further damage. Maybe use intimidation or persuasion?

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