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If these creatures are "among the smallest animals on Darwin IV", I wonder if they're only Tiny in size. I'd think Diminutive might be more appropriate. In fact, having these creatures redone as a Swarm might be more fitting.

Also, for a CR2 creature, the poison delivery by touch attack, high STR damage and cumulative DC means a couple of these could easily take out a character in a round or two. Maybe 1 point STR damage initially and 1d3 secondary, especially if several beachquills might hit a single target.

Lastly, does the creature need both Blindsense and Tremorsense? While the Wikipedia entry on Darwin IV states that most of the creatures on Darwin have evolved sonar, tremorsense seems to make more sense for these guys. --Oneiros 21:59, 25 July 2006 (MDT)

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