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Balance issues[edit]

Dandwiki standard procedure, Claws are a feat and are 1d6 with a + 3 making them a military weapon. You should never have a rolls count as an auto success since it's not realistic for an Argonian to successfully swim up a waterfall or swim against a tidal wave, giving them a +3 to swimming in addition to the athletics endurance is also acceptable however this paints them as better than most fish at swimming. Having a swim speed of 8 is a bit much but nitpicking there. Having an attack auto miss is a huge no, this is something an epic destiny gets to do 3 times a day. Otherwise you need to put levels on your racial utilities so people know when they can get them.--Aitharious (talk) 09:30, 13 September 2017 (MDT)

The claws are meant to be special, and as for the auto miss there is no official rule that if something is used in an epic destiny that it can't be used at the heroic or paragon level. In other words, the fact it's used at the epic tier doesn't mean it can't be used at the heroic tier. What makes something an epic tier power is usually related to damage or raw numbers (like 6[W] or 20 ongoing damage etc.). Furthermore it being used 3 times per day would make it more powerful than once per day, which should allow it to be present at the heroic tier and, as a racial power which is meant to be more powered than heroic. There's no specific rule I can see anywhere that makes this is an epic tier only power.
As far it goes, I can understand the issue of not wanting an automatic success on swimming rolls, however it's meant only to be applied to normal swimming rules, and not an additional factor (which resisting a hurricane or tidal wave would be an additional factor). There may be a better way to clarify that.
EDIT: looking back at the rulebooks, there's a rule that creatures with a swim speed don't have to make an athletic rolls to stay afloat. I think I'll change it to reflect that or make that rule clear. JohnSmith82 (talk) 20:52, 13 September 2017 (MDT)
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