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  • Added Grey Outsider class, 5 levels to be filled. The player must finish all 5 levels before taking any other class.
  • Moved the spaceship/starting equipment to the 1st level of the class.
  • Removed Skilled trait. The class has an option of 3 skills, and cannibilized equipment gives some further skill roll options.
  • Removed Frailty trait. The class has the weakest HD (d6) and no armor proficiencies, which is as frail as I dare. Marasmusine (talk) 05:53, 13 April 2016 (MDT)
"Now it reminds me of the aliens used in Fallout 3 LOL. I will admit I like MOST features even if it seems a bit...empty now. I haven't played a psionic character in so long that I don't remember all the abilities. I do think I remember telepathy being in there as well as other forms of perception based skills. However I don't know how much has been changed either. I do like what you did with the general equipment, even if it is a bit more primitive than I normally think an alien should be lol. To be honest its really a toss up, for my personal opinion anyway. I know you probably are still working on it. and I wonder if there could be Like Alien (A) for campaigns like I run and then (B) for standard dnd? I really like them both...I think yours however, if the psionic abilities are like they used to be, would definatly simplify all the other abilities under that category, or most of them anyway. You know, now I am going to have to go get an alien bobble head or something...LOL. celebration time lol I have to get ready to go, as I am going to be attending a game as a player in a about an hour. G of" TierArea (talk) 13:57, 13 April 2016 (MDT)
Still working on it :) I'll try to add some higher-tech equipment. Marasmusine (talk) 15:13, 13 April 2016 (MDT)
  • Psionics. For the base race, I picked three spells (cantrip, 1st and 2nd level) that represent basic "telepathy" type powers. Further psionics can be gained with the class.
  • Low-light vision only. Maybe darkvision will come back as a class feature. Marasmusine (talk) 15:33, 13 April 2016 (MDT)

the game was crap, I wish I would have stayed home. LOL I will keep looking at your work, I bet, its going to be know how hard it is to find anything alien related in red neck country? LOL G of TierArea (talk) 23:28, 13 April 2016 (MDT)
  • Rewrote Gear Construction as Techno-Tinkerer, gave a few example gadgets. This follows the Tinker format for the rock gnome - the gadgets should be interesting to use but not have a huge impact.
  • Changed Techno Buff to be a background feature.
  • Added psionics to class. From the Alternate Alien: Paralyze, Fear, Harm and Speed Shift are represented as the psionic spells Hold Person, Fear, Ray of Sickness / Enfeeblement and Blur/Haste. Also put in the various detection spells (and moved in those from the racial psionics trait). I decided not to give them cantrips, as there didn't seem to be enough appropriate ones. Marasmusine (talk) 04:26, 14 April 2016 (MDT)

Skill review. Originally the race had 10 skill proficiencies (in addition to what they might get from background and class). What they have in this revision is: One from race (tinker's tools), four from background (investigation, researching, doctor's tools, vehicles), and three from class (note that most classes only have two skills), for a total of 8 skills, which is pretty good. Marasmusine (talk) 03:55, 15 April 2016 (MDT)

  • Added Dance, Trance as a background personality trait.
  • Alter mind, hide self works in a simple way, by letting you use your Int instead of Dex for stealth checks, representing your psionic ability to mask yourself. Stealth is opposed by a creature's Wisdom (Perception), which is appropriate enough, no need to change anything on that side. Marasmusine (talk) 01:03, 16 April 2016 (MDT)


G of T: It's been a really rough week for a lot of people here. I cant save the world however it doesn't stop me from trying. I am getting too old to do what I used to do and people in general seem to be getting lazier and less intelligent with no morals. SO it is that we might fade, as we WILL NOT PARTICIPATE in games that abuse people.

So if I say anything out of character, it will be the frustration causing cognitive confusion with possible delirium LOL.

I like what you have done, and I like the original. Both are useful under two different situations. I cant find it in myself to replace one with the other, in either case. In average campaigns, yours would be nice. In hardcore games, I would prefer the original. I do prefer the more hardcore games, excluding the abuse of real people or their characters. I wish I knew of someone who could run a game well enough for me to field test your version, sadly, I don't.

I've still got stuff to put in. What is missing from the original that needs to go here?
I may have to move your original to your userspace, as I detailed elsewhere, there are mechanics that are missing or vague or overpowered. If it's unusable in a normal game, but you don't want it removing or altering, your userspace is a safe place for it. Marasmusine (talk) 00:45, 16 April 2016 (MDT)
G Here, I have been thinking of the ship and the 'take over' situations with these two variances. I seem to be missing Something in your version where one of aliens of the clan may want enslave/liberate the people. I don't see allot of specialties with domination/enlightenment when it comes to the sub type abilities. For me I like a rich history or culture and story availability. I do wish I had someone reliable to run campaigns/stories, other than what we are able to pull off. I would really like to field test his thing in all aspects, and then rate it accordingly. Secondly, I was almost expecting more of your input on the "Hidden Ship", wondering if you were going to make it like Fallout or some other game concept, where the craft has tractor beams and laser, and may try to be recalled by the mothership once the alien is inside eventually. Just kinda wanted to pick your brains and see what you see as it were.
On a side note, I would like to see a rating system for homebrews, where people like/dislike certain contributions, and leaving a comment as to why they like or dislike would be mandatory, so we all can see what ways we can alter, if need be, as well as the statistical data and flavor of the changing seasons. Would be interesting to see what people think. And of course why they think it...

Also before I forget, again. I think if you move the Original, that you should have a link to the original with in the race page, preferably affixed to the top in case I or someone else may need to find it easier. I think this would be wise to reduce stress on multiple levels/ or perspectives if you will. thanks.

G Of TierArea (talk) 10:44, 18 April 2016 (MDT)

I personally like what you did with the Ori take over thing. That's quite fitting LOL and funny. It made me snort when I started laughing lol. I was thinking of all the conundrums that could happen here. LOL. Especially at a high level, it would be like watching Monty Pythons something a rather lol. "Your god tells you to do this", "no I did not", "yes I did", "did not", "did so!"....the look on the poor paladins face LMAO....the scene opens up where the alien and the god are cartoonishly cat fighting over the paladin as the paladin can seem to strike the target and is so confused until he thinks he must be supper important since his god is having an argument with himself over him, at which time both alien and god smites him LOL, then the alien and god go out for a beer LOL LMAO G of T TierArea (talk) 11:52, 22 April 2016 (MDT)

Thanks for the feedback, I will try and tackle the benevolent divine thing next, and I need to think of a few other "grand scheme" ideas, perhaps one focused on technology, another on biology. Marasmusine (talk) 11:57, 22 April 2016 (MDT)
G of T: Not a problem. I am SLOWLY starting to like this better than the original. However I haven't reviewed the original in some time, I will have to do so to keep it some point. I wonder how should the clans be? I did like that idea, for personal reasons...I just don't know other than various mutations and sub cultures. I have MY own aliens however they are nothing like this. The aliens I have are from dreams that I had, and...creepy enough the ones I dreamed of are more realistic and logical. The first dream I had, it was like I was so far way and I looked toward the earth solar system or galaxy, not sure which...and it was but a tiny tiny occasional twinkle if you looked hard felt good to be that far away form humans, ironically. It was like I was in someone else's head. It looked like an over sized Saturn, not like earth...its like...different, yet I felt completely at home despite me remembering earth...really weird. The aliens kinda looked like Egyptians except skin looked like plastic and pepto colored. So when I later heard the rumors about Egypt and aliens and other things related it kinda spooked me. I was like, 'did I just travel to their planet or something'.

anyway small talk. Questions, General: How old are you and how long have you been doing dnd stuff? Me, since highschool and that's when I came up with...a lot of cool things, most of which I still haven't seen in any dnd settings, and that might be because I haven't seen everything. LOL. Me? I am oldish...I am less than 10 years from my final sleep, so I am told. over 40. G of T TierArea (talk) 17:23, 22 April 2016 (MDT) Behold the power of the squiggly lines!!! Btw, what kind of humor makes you laugh? I like witty and sometimes silly things.

Me and this g dude or girl has got allot in common holy crap. Anyway i look forward to this, and i am going to play the hell out of it Tuesday, if my main character dies and if i am aloud to. Dam this sounds cool. i cant wait till its finished. its going to be awesome.

McAlester Gamerz Customer (talk) 13:31, 4 May 2016 (MDT) Absolutely, Add what your going to add. If your asking for suggested feats, like custome...lets see...

If i was an alien with all that going on....i would....

  • 1st thing came to mind was like blast of goodness or quick astral travel telleport thing.

The blast would be like a calming blast, probably like the spell of similar name. And the astral projection would be like to assist someone in need or to send a very clear message. I suppose it could be a psyonic boost of sorts.

  • Crafting feats...that seems logical.
  • Psionic descriptor changing feat maybe.
  • feats that boost one of their traits...
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH How about enlarge! LOL that reminds me of a semi funny movie!
  • Concentration feat?
  • disguise feat?

i dont know i am running in circles now.

Thanks for the ideas. I want to make it fairly close to the stuff that "believers" say - it's fascinating the stuff they make up. "Quick astral travel" sounds like just the kind of thing they might incorporate :) Marasmusine (talk) 13:37, 4 May 2016 (MDT)
Its either one hell of an organized and government protected hoax to keep us distracted from something else or...i might have to question to see if its real, because ALLOT of people who have had these claims...say similar things even if they have no access to media. So i cant help but to wonder. There has to be something to it, but to what degree. I think they could use levitation and gating other aliens too. Maybe making some weird creature from collected dna....just no no no. Even a parasite xenomorph might be op. LOL
Don't get me started :) Let me focus on this. I've added a few more bits. I want to get in some option for them that focuses on genetic manipulation, not sure what yet, or if it should be a grand scheme or a specialization. Marasmusine (talk) 15:08, 4 May 2016 (MDT)

I will say Grans scheme. Genetic manipulation, alien takes over dead zone where nothing lives and start creating things that will live there. Or has access to some dimensional space where he can create his own garden...or maybe creates a biosphere and once its complete he can invite others of his kind to come visit. Actually that sounds pretty dam cool. I started to see mini movies in my head of all this...really kind of cool. Maybe he becomes in tune with his environment too...You could even do a variation of this with machines, where he can be wired into a central hub. AH i am going to shut up before i cant stop myself.

If this is ready, can it be moved into the uh normal place? In the list? I might want to try this too.

Still no answer, its been a week since i asked if this actually ready and can be moved to the ready to use list.

Just the tables for the custom background need filling in. Would have been nice to get in the genetic manipulation grand scheme but it's not essential for "finished" state. Marasmusine (talk) 15:50, 17 June 2016 (MDT)
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