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Challenge Rating[edit]

2 Offense (14 damage + 5 hit)
1/2 Defense (66 hp + 14 AC)

Unless I'm missing something, the final CR should be the average of offensive and defense rounded up, which in this case is a Challenge Rating of 1. If the affinity could deal damage at range (unless 10 feet counts as range?), its effective AC would be 16, which would be enough to make it a CR 2 creature. You could accomplish this by either giving it a ranged attack, or the Flyby trait. Alternatively, you could give it a couple more hit dice to make its CR 2. Going a different direction, it could gain a Multiattack action to make one talon attack and one divine halberd attack, which would boost its offensive CR to 3 and its final average CR to 2. — Guy (talk | edits) 05:02, 4 April 2017 (UTC)

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