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Campaign Setting

Symbol of Talamon
Symbol: Dragon's head
Home Plane: Astral
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Time, Perception
Clergy Alignments: Neutral
Domains: None
Favored Weapon: None

Talamon is the All God or Creator God, and the only deity with which Vargach looks up to for advice and assistance? Talamon, in life a dragon, came into being through unknown methods. A creature of great power and good intentions, he was saddened at the loss of heart of the world . Thus, he sought out the few good souls remaining, and took them to a far away continent. He told them to rebuild the world into a better place. The rest of the world, Talamon wiped clean. Using his final breath and prayers, he pull together the lands of the world from the distances of the ocean into the supermass they are now, so that all could live together. With the death of each dragon descended from him, Talamon grows, taking the dragon in.


Talamon neither professes nor endorses dogma.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Few worship Talamon, as few mortals are even aware of his existence. The overgod's power is not derived from his worshipper's, and he stays aloft from their happenings.

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