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Takedown Pounce [Racial]

When you leap onto the enemy you lock your claws on him and bear him down.
Prerequisite: Gritaur, Str 13, Pounce
Benefit: When using your Pounce feat and after you hit with your claw attack; instead of pushing the target one square you can make a free grab attack and knock it prone.
Normal: A normal Pounce attack ends after pushing the target one square.
Special: This feat is best used together with the Rake feat.
Takedown Pounce Feat Power
Like the great birds of prey you catch the target in your talons.
Free Action Melee
Trigger: {{{trigger}}}
Target: One enemy hit by Pounce claw attack.
Attack: Str Vs. Reflex, +2.
Hit: If the target is no more than one size larger than you he is grabbed and knocked prone, you shift into the target's square
Special: The Gritaur racial bonus to Grab attacks is included in the attack value. Do not include Charge attack bonus to this attack!

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