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Switch-Style Character[edit]

(First ask your GM/DM if you may use a Switch-Styled character)

A switch-styled character, is when you have a character that changes to another fighting style via. Different/Multiple character sheets.

  • Examples of this would be having one character sheet based on damage output then switching to another based on support, etc.
  • Any abilities/proficiencies that one character may have, can only be used by that character sheet. (ex. If one is a Fighter and the other a Rogue and you want to activate Rogue’s “Sneak Attack”, you must stay as a Rogue for that ability and the other character will not benefit from “Sneak Attack”)
  • Both characters sheets MUST be different classes (unless the class states it was made for Switch-Style Characters).
  • Both Characters will gain the same EXP. (They will level up together)
  • Only one character sheet can be active at a time.
  • Switching counts as an action in a battle.
  • You can switch characters out of battle freely.
  • Any damage taken will go to the inactive character sheet too
  • The inactive character sheet will not die from this effect (example if the active character sheet takes 50 damage and the inactive character sheet would get knocked unconscious from this, they instead will drop to 1)
  • If the active character sheet that is battling is knocked unconscious or dies, the inactive character sheet will have the same effect.
  • Likewise, both character sheets are affected by any healing effects
  • Any effects of spells or abilities that would Slow or Give that character Disadvantage on rolls will not apply to the inactive character sheet, unless the opposing party casts it again toward the inactive character sheet (Only If the person using Switch-Style switches to the inactive character) (Time limit for effects still applies. If the character inflicted with the effect switches back out, they still have to roll saving throws until the effect ends)
  • Any effects that would Halt the Movement of the target (Example Hold Person), unless they pass the saving throw, they cannot change characters until the effect ends.
  • The same applies to buffs, only the active character will be affected unless the supporting party casts it again on the inactive character (Only if the person switches to the inactive) (Time limit for effects still applies.)
  • Effects that will still affect both would be, any Damaging Effects, Any Effect that would send a character into a different plane (example Banishment) will send both to the plane, Magic Jar (However you get advantage for the saving throw), Imprisonment, Power Word Kill (As long as the active character has less than 100), etc.

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