Swift as the Breeze (4e Power)

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Swift as the Breeze Elemental Swordsman Attack 19
As quick as the wind, when you enemies fall short with their attack you strike back with a blade of wind.
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Stance, Weapon
Minor Action Personal
Requirement: You must be calling the spirit of the wind.
Effect: You enter the stance Swift Breeze, until the stance ends, you can use the attack Cutting Wind.

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Cutting Wind Elemental Swordsman Attack
The cutting blade of wind strikes any enemy which misses you.
At-Will Star.gif Arcane, Weapon
Immediate Reaction Ranged 5
Trigger: An enemy misses you with an attack with 5 squares of you.
Requirement: You must be in the stance Swift Breeze
Target: The triggering enemy
Attack: Dexterity Vs. Reflex
Hit: Dexterity modifier + 2 damage and the target is pushed 1 square.

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