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Overview. This is the beginning of the project to list of modified rules that I use for making Superheroes.

The general idea is that first giving the hero power or extraordinary abilities( str,dex,con,char,int,wis). Before taking a super hero class.

Superhero Level Adjustment Classes


A starting Superhero gains a level adjustment according to how many points he wants. He gains these points to spend on base abilities.

  • this is not an cumulative table.
Level Adjustment BaB Points Drawback Points
1st +1 35 10;
2nd +1 40 7;
3rd +2 40 5;
4th +2 45 3;
5th +3 45 0;

Character Creation:[edit]

Use Planned Generation se D20 Modern page:15


These can be spend on
  • Abilities : Str, Dex, Con, Char,Int or Wis.
  • Each step over 20-24 costs 3 points.
  • 25 costs 6 points.
  • Super Speed.

benefit: extra speed normal speed costs: 1 per speed.

  • Powers

Select your power. Each power costs 5 points- See list of Powers

Select your extra starting feat. Select your starting occupation.

Set level adjustment 4.

New Rule
  • Base speed: dex x con/ 2= yard per turn.


'Powers are spell like abilities that are balanced against a cost system.'

  • Each Hero may only have one power.
  • A hero may forfeit his power for abilities.
Super Ability
  • costs 30.
  • benefit: Base Ability 25
  • additonal score costs 5/ step.
  • benefit: Bullets and weapons are deflected without penetrating but cause damage as usual.
  • the hero does not stop or become distracted by attack.
  • damage reduction 2 against any critical hits.
Super Speed
  • the hero gains 4 speed points ( Speed Points
  • total speed multiplied by 10.
  • base speed =+ 30.
  • base speed =(dex multiplied by total character level (instead of con))/2.
  • number of extra attack
  • extra defence +1/ per speed point spend.

Base Ability scores beyond the normal 20 levels allows the Hero to use new uncanny skills. These skills are avalible from the Superclasses.

base classes[edit]

Super Heroes have a more complex relationship to their base abilities than normal heroes. Most Super Heroes but not all have one base Super Ability such as Superstrength rather than Strenght. Superabilties are just Abilities above 20. A Superstrong hero can therefore take Superstrong Hero instead of Strong Hero but takes fast hero instead of Super Fast Hero.

If the GM wants more generalist superheroes with more than one power each then he can make all the superclasses available from level 1.

How to understand the classes?

Super Ability classes accelerates Ability Classes and they are raw power rather than finesse. A strong hero is a well trained human and superstrong Hero is an untrained superhuman. Superheroes are usually untrained and gifted with extreme powers. What Super Ability class does train themselves with is to use their super abilities and ignore damage and limits.

  • Example:

If a Super hero for some reason can take 2 levels Strong Hero (the normal) and then 1 superstrong hero. That means that he better trained with common sense use of Strenght than with powers.

  • Example:

If a superhero has 3 levels Super Strong Hero but no Strong Hero that means he has more raw power than finesse.

  • 12 base classes.
  • six super ability classes
  • six abiltity claasses
  • the normal six base classes embody expertise in an ability
  • the Super normal six abilities embody extraordinary gift in an ability.
  • a hero may or must have both corresponding classes

Super Classes[edit]

Superstrong Hero[edit]

  • Summary of Ablities.

Uses a force field to manipulate and balance kinetic energy. Ignores damage from using strenght Relocate center of weight. Otherwise its impossible to grapple that building. Ignore that the steel is harder than hand and bone. create shockwaves. Equal strength score in all bodyparts.

  • Stopping Force
  • Explode

Superfast Hero[edit]

Uses a force field to bend time.

  • Summary of abilities.

Ignores damage from running in super speed Multiple action Concentration, fast thinking, initiative etc by slowing time equal to his dexterity.

Dexterity scores above or equal to 25 counts as supedexterity. Superdexterity has the following changes.

  • Gives speed points per level
  • Vibrate
  • Radio Listen

Supertough Hero[edit]

  • Summary of abilities

Uses a force wield to keep body together for a better word. Skeletal force field, skin force field and a life force field.

  • resist pain

Supersmart Hero[edit]

  • Summary of abilities

The supersmart hero creates a small universe within himself and carries alternative realities in his mind. With deductive perception predicts the future and past by absorbing invisible details.

  • Self-hypnosis
  • Self-Brainwashing
  • Read/Write DNA
  • Read/Write Brain.
  • Read/Write Molecules
  • Craft(atom)
  • Craft(universe)

Superwise Hero[edit]

  • Summary of Abilities

Mysterious and emotional. Predicts the future and generates luck.

  • Spot Luck
  • Spot Bad Luck
  • Sleep Light

Supercharismatic Hero[edit]

  • Summary of Abilities

Allows Impossible lies in a short time.

  • Charm Person
  • Command

Speed Points[edit]

Each hero get 4 starting speed points. Benefit:

  • multiple speed per points;
  • buy an extra action.
  • buy an extra attach with 0+BaB.

Time and Space[edit]

A hero can allocate his speed with time instead. Either move at his speed in the current space time or slow down time as fast as he was. Teleportation and traveling backwards through time is possible at the proper speed.

Here goes rules for how much you can exchange either for.

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