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Armor (Special), Legendary (Requires Attunement)

This suit made out of a gel like fabric is comfortable but otherwise seems to be useless. This gives an AC of 11 + Dex bonus. This suit gives 3 charges once attuned to. These charges can be spent on various abilities, seen below. The fabric that makes this suit is actually a gel taken of monstrosities from the outer realms. This gel possesses the ability to magically change form and whatever is inside of it with it.

Growth/Shrinking As a bonus action, the suit expands or contracts, changing your size according to the enlarge/reduce spell. You can only transform into a size that can fit in your current area.

Polymorph As an action, you can cast polymorph on yourself. You can end the spell as a bonus action.

Skin change As an action, you alter your skin. You can make your skin become like metal, increasing the AC of the armor to 18, but you can no longer add your Dexterity modifier to your ac. You can grow spines, dealing D4 piercing to any attackers and adding D4 piercing to all your unarmed attacks. You can grow wings, gills, or grips, gaining flying speed, swimming speed and the ability to breathe in water, or climbing speed equal to your walking speed respectably. You can make your body amorphous, making you immune to all damage except force or necrotic and able to fit into any opening at least an inch wide, but making you unable to take any actions besides dash, dodge and disengage actions. You can become ghost like, making you unable able to interact with the world at all, but being able to walk through solid objects. If you end your turn in a solid object, you take 1d10 force damage. You can dispel any of these as a bonus action.

Elemental form As an action, you can burst into flames, become surrounded by wind, become a walking wave, or turn into a stone creature. Respective abilities: you deal d12 fire damage to anyone who touches or grapples you,(fire) you push back creatures around you and toss creature around with wind, granting advantage on shoving attack rolls,(wind) you become resistant to all damage from non-magical sources, except fire, against which you are vulnerable,(water) and the AC of the armor changes to 18, but no longer adds your Dexterity modifier to it.(stone) These last until you dispel them with a bonus action.

Mutation As an action, you can mutate your body, growing claws, horns, tentacles, or hooves. Each of these deal 1D8 slashing, piercing or bludgeoning damage. You can attack with each of them as a bonus action. Hooves deal only D4 bludgeoning damage, but a target hit by them must succeed on Strength saving throw equal to 8 + your Strength modifier + your proficiency modifier or be knocked prone. You can dismiss these as bonus actions.

All abilities use 1 charge per use. All transformations not yet dismissed end at dawn. You regain all 1d3 charges every dawn.

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