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"Succubus," by Maiafay
  • Frequency: Rare
  • NO. Appearing: 1, Solitary
  • Armor Class: 0
  • Movement: Normal
  • Hit Dice: 6d8
  • % in Lair: 5%
  • Treasure Type: I,Q
  • NO. of Attacks: 2, or by weapon
  • Damage/Attack: 1-3/1-3, or by weapon
  • Special Attacks: energy drain
  • Special Defenses: +1 or better weapon to hit.
  • Magic Resistance: 70%
  • Intelligence: Exceptional
  • Alignment: CE
  • Size: Medium


These female demons are usually not found in numbers, for they prefer to act alone. A succubus is the weaker member of the family, with the Dembora Succubi as the tougher, more agile, of the family, they are kinda like Warlocks... A succubus in its natural form appears very much like a tall and very beautiful human femal --- although the bat-like wings immediately show the observer its true character. Succubi cannot be harmed by any sort of normal weaponry. Succubus can cause Darkness in a 5' radius. The KISS of the succubus drains the victim of one energy level, and all succubi are able to perform any one of the following feats at will: Become ethereal (as if using the oil of that name), charm person, ESP, clairaudience, suggestion (as the spell), shape change (to any humanoid form of approximately their own height and weight only. only for 3 hours each.), or gate in a type IV (70% chance), type VI (25% chance), or one of the lords or princes (5% chance) --- there is only a 40% chance of such a gate opening, however...

Succubi rule lower demons through wit and threat.

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