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Wondrous Item, uncommon

Domination bands come into two parts, a collar and a bracelet; both collar and bracelet are marked to match a set. Subjugation bands are developed with a metal loop that allows a wire or rope to link the two pieces. If the collar is placed around someone's neck, they are unable to remove it themselves and become incapacitated if they try.

When the bracelet is worn the person who put it on the wearer is able to perceive the emotions of the one wearing the collar and to induce physical sensations in the one wearing the collar at will, such as pain, pleasure and nausea. The one wearing the bracelet can also induce paralysis in the one wearing the collar at will.

While both the collar and bracelet are being worn, each wearer can determine the location of the other so long as both occupy the same plane.

If one wearing the bracelet takes damage, anyone wearing the linked collar takes double non-lethal psychic damage.

Someone wearing the collar cannot hold a weapon or use spellcasting abilities without permission from the one wearing the bracelet. They will instead experience extreme pain every time they make an attempt until they stop.

The collar can only be removed by the one wearing the linked bracelet, through remove curse, or as an action while within an antimagic field.

Creating a set of subjugation bands requires 300 gp worth of silver and 2 weeks.

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