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A mixture of writer and actor. You perform the stories you write. Perform your adventures or the adventures of others. Perform feats of propaganda and indoctrination. You were a storyteller.

Are you an enigmatic fireside story weaver or a crazy street corner preacher? Are you a court gossip monger or a spy spreading propaganda though foreign lands?

What is the subject of your stories? Why do you tell them? What personal spin do you put on your stories?

Are you in this for the fame? Is there a cause you're furthering with your stories? Did you join this group of adventurers just to embellish their adventures and make a pretty penny? Are you famous or infamous?

The only two things are certain: there is a story to be told and that you are the one who is going to tell it.

Skill Proficiencies: Storytellers are natural performers and as such you have proficiency in Performance.You also have proficiency in one of the followings: Persuasion , Deception, Insight or History.

Tool Proficiencies: Calligrapher's tools and one musical instrument of your choice (this allows you to make your performances more interesting).

Languages: You know one language of your choice.

Equipment: Calligrapher's tools and one musical instrument, either (a) fine clothing or (b) robes, a pouch with 25gp, a thick book of your compiled stories and a non-magical trinket to do with the subject of your work.

Storyteller Specialisation

What type of stories does your character tell?

d6 Specialization
1 Current Events
2 Your Own Adventures
3 The Adventures Of Your Party
4 Religious/PoliticalTeachings
5 Folk Tales
6 Political/Court Gossip or Fake News

Feature: Famous Storyteller

Your tales have reached lands far and wide and you're well received by most groups from noble courts to back alley gambling dens, unless your stories insult them of course. Nobles and Inkeepers are more than happy to give you free room and board so long as you tell them and their guests your stories around the fire at night.

Alternate Feature: Infamous Storyteller

Your tales have reached lands far and wide, for all the wrong reasons. You're poorly received by most groups from noble courts to back alley gambling dens, nobody wants to hear your stories. Perhaps you're controversial or revolutionary? That being said, if you stand on a street corner and scream out your tales to anyone who will listen, you are somehow able to find into a fan that can help you, or at least willing to put you up for the night.

Suggested Characteristics

d8 Personality Trait
1 I only perform after a drink due stage fright
2 I confuse what happened in my stories with what happened in my life
3 I never write my stories down, only going from memory
4 I can never resist hearing a new story
5 I don't like other people telling my stories
6 My stories are dark and/or depressing
7 My stories are light hearted and/or uplifting
8 I begrudge performing and prefer to write them down
d6 Ideal
1 Chronicler. My duty lies to tells stories as close to the truth as possible. (Lawful)
2 The Bard I will the the best storyteller, ever. (Neutral)
3 The GOAT I will tell the most entertaining stories, regardless of facts. (Chaotic Good)
4 Prophet. I will show them they are all heroes. (Neutral Good)
5 False Prophet. I will convince them all of MY truth. (Neutral Evil)
6 Insane Rambler. I just like telling stories, they don't need to make sense or be true. (Chaotic Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I love my fans, without them I am nothing and I strive to entertain them
2 I love my book of stories more than anything, I cant imagine losing it
3 Those that ask to hear my stories a second time earn a special place in my heart
4 The subject of my stories is all I care for
5 Innkeepers who let me perform quickly become my closest friends
6 Though I tell many stories, my thoughts are never far from home. Families often have the best stories.
d6 Flaw
1 My stories ramble and I'm often asked to get to the point.
2 People don't appreciate my dark or irreverent humor.
3 I refuse to tell the same story twice, no matter how popular some are OR I only tell the one story no matter how unpopular it is.
4 All I care about is getting the best stories, I dont care if I hurt people or their feelings to get it.
5 Earning as much money as possible is all that matters to me.
6 My stories are told from my viewpoint, which is often different to the mainstream (your storyteller could be insane, revolutionary, controversial or narcissistic).

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