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Stone of Memory: The Stone of Memory is a lesser focusing stone created during the Second Age. Its purpose was to allow a wizard or magical researcher to work towards his goal while saving all the random thoughts and tangents that would arise during his work for a later date, when a new idea comes up that isn't related to the topic at hand the wizard would focus on the thought for a moment with the stone in hand and the stone would save it for later. Any idea pattern has a shelf life of 24 hours, storing an idea takes a swift action, recalling an idea takes a full round action. If used when researching a topic or creating a new spell you may shave off one hour from the total research time. In the Third Age the stones are fairly rare, usually owned by the richest and most eccentric wizards. The stones can appear as clear crystals with deep white cracks or a solid off angle brick of obsidian. They are almost always the size of a baseball.

Moderate (DC 25) Enchantment;CL 15th; Craft Wondrous Items, Temporal Stasis, Mnemonic Enhancer; Cost See text.; Activation: Swift/Full Round (see text); Weight: 1 lb.; Market Price: 22,250 gp

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