Steam Drill (5e Equipment)

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Steam Drill

Simple Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Steam Drill 1000 gp 3d4 piercing 15 lb. Ammunition, heavy, two-handed, reload (3), special

The steam drill is a modified tool that can be used as a dangerous two-handed weapon; however, its limited uses and difficulty to reload makes it a single time weapon which is usually brought for digging underground. The process of reloading the drill requires to replace the small tanks which are filled with steam that is attached to the drill. Furthermore, if the drill is used to dig underground or through walls, the wielder can spend an action to gain a burrowing speed of 20 ft.; however, the wielder can only gain 10 ft. burrowing speed if its digging through stone surface.

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A variant version of the steam drill that can be attached to the arm, Source
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