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This is the staff as it appears when found. By the time a player has found it, it may have already absorbed power from the souls of its previous owners.

Dark Magic Table[edit]

d20_roll Effect
1 Banishment: The staff and its user are banished to the Shadowfell for 1d10 days.
2-3 Insanity: The staff's user must make a DC 20 saving throw (the relevant ability being the user's spellcasting ability). On a failed save, they suffer from Short-Term Madness.
4-9 Sacrifice: The staff's wielder sacrifices their Strength (if 4 is rolled), Dexterity (5), Constitution (6), Intelligence (7), Wisdom (8), or Charisma (9).
Each time this option is selected from the Dark Magic table, the user's relevant Ability Score is permanently reduced by 1. (If the selected ability already has a score of 3 or lower, a different ability is selected at random.) Each sacrifice further augments the power of the staff.
10-12 Necrotic Sphere: Everyone in a 30 ft radius sphere centered on the staff, including its user, must make a Constitution saving throw, based on the user's spell save DC. They all take (user's character level + user's spellcasting modifier)d6 Necrotic damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one.
13-19 Summon: Undead (if 13-16 rolled), Fiend (if 17-18 rolled) or Dragon (if 19 rolled)
The staff's user summons a random monster of the type specified. The monster's CR is equal to the user's level (if no monster CR matches the user's level, the monster with the closest CR will be summoned). The summoned monster is controlled by the DM. It will attack whoever is closest to it (aside from the staff wielder) and will fight until it's reduced to 0 Hit Points or 1 minute passes. Any Fiend or Dragon summoned will be black and deal Necrotic damage with its elemental attacks, regardless of the monster's original appearance and stats.
20 Instant Death: The user must point the staff at one creature. This creature will either be instantly killed or suffer the effects of Banishment (DM's choice). If the user fails to point, the creature will be chosen at random from those in the user's vicinity.

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