Spirit Firearms (5e Feat)

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Spirit Firearms

Prerequisites: Dexterity 13
You gain the following benefits:

Increase your Dex score by 1, to a maximum of 20.

The firearms are connected to three spirit types Celestial, Fey and Fiends all lending their powers to one individual they deem worthy. You can only summon one of the firearms at a time as a bonus action into the user hands and dismiss them as a free action. The user is proficient with these weapons and must use their Dex mode for attack rolls. These weapons are considered magic and produce their own ammunition. In addition, it takes 1 round for each gun to recharge with spirit energy.

  • Aberration grappling gun: The Aberration grappling gun is a pistol like weapon summoned in your hand which is then bonded by a tentacle which is the wielded to your arm . As an action you may aim at either an enemy or building within 90ft after which you are immediately ejected towards that direction after which you can move between 5-15ft away from that spot or use a bonus action to release the grapple . If you pick an enemy that enemy must make a strength saving throw (DC= wis + prof) . On a failure the creature is pushed 10ft , on a sucess the shooter is repelled back 10ft .
  • Celestial Revolver: The celestial revolver you can either summon two pistols or one pistol into your hand. Each pistol has the light, reload (6) properties that deals 1d6 piercing damage plus 1d4 radiant range is 40 feet
  • Fey Rifle: The rifle has the two handed, Reload (1) properties that deals 1d8 piercing plus 1d4 force damage. Range 120 feet has disadvantage at 20 feet.
  • Fiend Shotgun: The shotgun has the two handed, reload 2, properties that deals 1d10 piercing plus 1d4 fire. Range 15-foot cone each creature in the range must make a dex save against your DC which is 8+proficiency +dex on a success half damage.

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