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Spin User[edit]

This class belongs to fighters who were trained in very rich and exclusive families to learn "The spin" in rather executions for a more humane method or medical practices to relief stress and pain. "The spin" is a technique that allows one to take control of the magnus force and thus helps one spin object to contort parts of the body or other objects to relieve the pain in a more humane way. The most common way to use the force is through steel balls or small objects though weapons do help.

"The spin" is a technique that allows one to take control of the magnus force and thus helps one spin object to contort parts of the body or other objects to relieve the pain in a more humane way. The most common way to use the force is through steel balls or small objects though weapons do help.

The Spin[edit]

At 3rd level, one learns more about the technique and what their family through them to do with it. You learn how to spin the magnus effect in a hand sized object witch you can throw and in process the rotation can be thrown and or bounce depending on the target. Making an object spin gives you proficiency with it as well as it scales off your dexterity or strength bonus, the time it takes to gain this is only 1 minute long and the object has to be the same size as your hand, if it is bigger it will spin much slower and will not be effective.

-Spin Style save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength or Dexterity modifier (your choice)

-The Spin: If the target hits any creature with a muscle structure it can contort those muscles. If the attack is to be successful one has to make a regular ranged weapon attack with any object that has begun sniping (if the object is bigger than your hand it will not gain any force, and using any objects that are not sphere-like or disk-like have disadvantage on the spin attack).

-The Spin dice: to Spin an object you must expand a spin Dice which is a 1d4 and expands at 7th level (1d6), at 10th level (1d8), at 15th level (1d10), at 18th level (1d12). You start with 6 spin dice and gain two additional spin dice at 7th, and 15th level. To initiate a Spin, you must expand a bonus action and then the object will then spin for 1 minute before having to use another spin dice. If the Spinning object is inside someone, they take the damage of the spin at the start of their turn as well as you can retrieve the spin object with a bonus action. The Spin Styles that mention contortion may only work on creatures with a muscle structure, and cannot pierce Heavy armor unless stated otherwise.You can use only one Spin Styles per attack.

-You regain your Spin dice after a short or long rest.

-Any object that is spinning will deal 1d4 Bludgeoning damage plus dexterity or strength modifier (players choice), at 7th level (1d6), at 10th level (1d8), at 15th level (1d10), at 18th level (1d12).

-The objects return back to you once you choose to return it using a bonus action, otherwise you can keep the object spinning on the target as an action. You can recover Spin dice every long rest.

-Once Unlocking the Spin, you learn from the many Spin Styles of using its power, To use a Spin Style you must expand a Spin dice. You have spin dice once you choose this archatype, you have 3 Spin Styles, you gain 2 additional Spin Style at 7th, 10th, and 15th levels. Each time you learn new Spins, you can also replace one Spin you know with a different one.


Contort; When Someone is hit by a spinning object in their body or arms you make the Spin attack with advantage and when successful the target takes the damage of the Spin and if the object is left in their muscle structure, They must make a Strength saving throw or have disadvantage with all melee or ranged attacks for 1 minute or until the spinning object leaves their body.

Head breaker:[edit]

Contort; When someone is hit in the head with the spin, they have a very hard time focusing. You make the Spin attack, when successful they take the Spin damage of a spin and have to make a wisdom saving throw or become stunned for however many turns until the object of the spin is removed.

Knee raiser:[edit]

Contort; When someone is hit in their legs or near their pelvis by the spin, You make the Spin attack and when successful they take the spin damage as well as have to succeed a dexterity saving throw to not be knocked prone and having their movement reduced by 5 ft with an additional 5 ft reduced per turn.

Bounce Ball:[edit]

Contort; When a Spin object gathers enough spin energy, it can release a large amount or energy when bouncing. When you make your next attack with the spin and expand a spin die, you then can make it bounce off an object to effectively remove cover, and double the attack range. If the range is 60 ft, then it becomes 120 ft if doubled.

Mobilizing Spin:[edit]

Contort; When enemies lose their mind enough, you gain the option to bring them further from your position. You can expand a spin die to make an attack with a spin weapon and then contort the first body you strike, and if they fail a Strength saving throw you then have the energy to move them 5 ft away from you. The object of the spin is then stuck in them until called back.

Disarming Spin:[edit]

When you hit a creature with a Spin attack, you can expend one Spin die to attempt to disarm the target, forcing it to drop one item of your choice that it’s holding. The target must make a Strength saving throw. On a failed save, it drops the object you choose. The object lands at its feet.

Circle Swing:[edit]

When Two people are sitting at least 10 ft next to each other, you can make an attack with advantage on the first enemy and disadvantage on the adjacent one to strike them both in one hit. Once you do so, whoever the last target you strike is will have the Spinning object in them.

Power Spin:[edit]

Contort; When An ally or yourself is struck by the spin, you may choose to not harm them as well as store the targets muscle power. The Strength of the Spin dice is then added to any attack, athletics or acrobatics roll they perform. If they choose to resist the Power they may perform a Dexterity save.

Revealing Spin:[edit]

Contort; When you fire a Spin attack at an enemy, you contort their body to reveal their weak points. You make a melee attack on a target and then contort their body with the spin until your next turn and the next ally to strike them has advantage on their attack. You're rotation device will be in them until the start of your next turn.

Soothing rotation:[edit]

Contort; As a major action, you may penetrate an ally or your own body and help them calm their muscles as well as recover from wounds. This power allows one to expand a spin die to send a spinning object to an ally and help them recover health in correspondence to the value of the spin die. Allies that gain the benefits also have advantage on their next acrobatics, athletics, and stealth checks.

Rotating Trap:[edit]

You may drop a ball as a free action and empower it with the power of the spin expanding a spin die to have it stand on the ground for 1 round. At the start of your turn, you place or throw the spin object and have it empowered with the spin die. If an enemy steps or comes in range to the ball he will take the damage of the spin and any other tools associated. The weapon will activate automatically at the start of your own turn and it has a 5 ft radius in which it spins and fires. One may also spend 2 turns to charge the ball as a major action in order to increase the radius of the release to 10 ft but one who is doing this is concentrating as if they were to cast a spell.

Spinning reflection:[edit]

When an enemy tries to attack you, you may as a reaction then expand a spin die to revolve the spin object(s) around you or an ally at least within 15 ft. You then roll however many spin die for however many spin objects revolve around you to gain their number for AC to become protected against that attack one attack. This bonus goes away at the start of the next turn.

Cleansing Spin:[edit]

Contort; As a major action, you may expand a spin die on an ally or yourself, doing this will contort their body and remove any physical issues that trouble them. If a status effect is magically caused, this ability will have no effect. However, if an ally suffers from a physical status effect, you can use the die to remove any status effects that ale them. You may choose to keep the Spinning object in them as long as you want until 10 turns.

Relentless Spin:[edit]

You may push the sphere with more pressure than ever before, you may expand a spin dice as a bonus action if you miss an attack to add the bonus of the spin roll to the to-hit bonus and damage roll. If the attack hits the spin then remains in them and you may not retrieve it until next turn while it deals damage to the target continuously.

Developed Spin[edit]

At 7th level, your Spin has improved significantly. Your spin dice become a d6 instead of a d4.

-You learned more about ones body and the structure of the build of not just humanoids, but also animals. Their structure is less foreign to you.

-You gain proficiency with any tool set of your choice.

-You also gain proficiency in one of the following Medicine, Animal handling, Sleight of hand, or investigation.

The Golden Spin[edit]

At 10th level, you learn the ancient technique of the golden ratio, 1:1.618 of a rectangle. When you find the ratio in nature, this allows you to create an infinite inward spiral in the center of the rectangle. you then can line yourself up to perform the Golden Spin.

-seeing the beauty in nature and the rectangle whenever or wherever you can, you have become proficient in perception. If you were already proficient in the skill, you double the bonus.

-Contortion moves may now work on any enemy regardless of them having a muscle structure or not.

-The Golden Spin: As a bonus action, you can line yourself up in a way so that you create the golden rectangle and in that way. As long as you stay in that pose, you can perform any attack with a spin object and or a Spin Style move with advantage as well as gain an improved critical hit ratio of 18-20. However, you must stay still to continue getting this bonus and enemies will gain advantage on attacking you. You may break the golden rectangle when you move or as a free action. You need to take a short or long rest before using this move again.

Master Spin[edit]

At 15th level, your Spin has improved masterfully. Your spin dice become a d10 instead of a d8.

-You then learned to enhance your spin faster than you could imagine. You now can change the trajectory or hold a spin object as a bonus action in the middle of the air, and you can add a spin dice to add to the damage and power on top of the object as a bonus action if it is in your attack range or if it bounces off another object.

-You also recover Spin dice every every time you kill someone or land a critical with a Spin Style move.

The Super Spin[edit]

At 18th level, You have mastered the Spin and learned techniques that were past you or your ancestors time. The Super Spin is a power in which you take your own body in the golden ratio and go a step beyond placing your mount in the ratio as well. Once you achieve this there is no defense that you cannot break through. When you move on your mount and fire a spin object, you then break through any kind of barrier set up.

-you gain proficiency in riding any one mount of your choice.

-Ball breaker: When you ride your mount and move while on it, The next spin attack or Spin Style move you use on an enemy will ignore armor class and the target must make a dexterity saving throw to take half damage on a successful save. It will strike to deal the damage of however many of half of the total amount of spin dice you have on one attack, whatever the damage of the object you used to spin is, as well as an added bonus damage of the total AC that was ignored subtracting the base of 10. Any Damage that is dealt is also dealt as Force damage instead. You must take a short or long rest before using this power again.

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