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Spelljammer was a spaced based version of AD&D using magical Helms(engines) to fly sailing type ships from one planet to another. However compared to ship that travel across water or silt, spelljamming ships are huge.

Converting Ships from version 2.x to 3.x


The Armor Rating or AR is the ship equivalent of a character's Armor Class. Like the Original AC ratings, AR was rated from between +10 (the worst rating) to -10 (the best rating).

Table: AR Conversion
2.x Armor Rating 3.x Armor Rating
10 10
9 11
8 12
7 13
6 14
5 15
4 16
3 17
2 18
1 19
0 20
-1 21
-2 22
-3 23
-4 24
-5 25
-6 26
-7 27
-8 28
-9 29
-10 30


Ship Saving Throws work in the same way as those for character. The main material used in construction determines the Base Saving Throws for the ship. Most ships in Wild Space fall into this category.

The optional (and costly) Hull Plating can improve a ship by adding a second material to improve these saves. Working just like armor for a character, Hull Plating is attached over the ship hull. The Plated Ship Now uses the best save for both materials used in construction.

Hull Plating can only be added once to any ship!

Table: Saving Throws Conversion
Material Resistance Acid Cold Electricity Fire Sonic
Bone +2
Ceramic +5
Crystal +6
Leather +4
Metal +10
Stone +8
Wood, Thick +4
Wood, Thin +3


Hull Points determine how much damage a ship can take before being destroyed. The Hull Points are equal to the the Ship Tonnage times 27.


Maneuverability Class is how well the ship can turn to avoid objects in space or fight in combat. For each MC rating the ship can turn 1 hex face in either direction. The higher the MC number your ship has the more direction changes you can make each turn.

Each hex face of direction change costs 1 hex of forward movement (refer to Ship Rating below). For example if you have a ship with a MC of 4 you can make up to a maximum hex face changes of 4 for a cost of 4 hexes of movement, and you must have a SR of at least 4 or more to use all of the direction changes.

All Movement for each turn must be declared at the start of the turn before anyone makes their move.

Table: MC Conversion
2.x Maneuverability Class 3.x Maneuverability Class Notes
G 0 may not make any turns either before or after movement
F 1 must make all movement before changing directions
E 2 may only change direction before or after movement
D 3 may change direction only once any time during movement
C 4 may change direction any time during movement
B 5 may change direction any time during movement
A 6 may change direction any time during movement


The Spelljamming Helm is the engine of the ship and the arcane or divine energy of the Helmsman is the fuel that runs it. Not all Helms are created equal, some Helms are better (and more costly and rare) than others


The Ship's Rating determines how many hexes the ship can travel in a straight line in one turn (refer to Maneuverability Class above). There are several factors that determine the Ship's Rating, these are 1) Type of Helm; 2) Level of the Helmsman; 3) Tonnage of ship vs Helms Normal Tonnage

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